The truth about fat

 In this era of striving for harmony fat has become persona non grata, which not even made mention in polite society. Meanwhile, a healthy body fat women - 20-30 percent. That is, it is absolutely normal that we are made up about a quarter of the fat.

He envelops and warms the vital organs, protecting them from shock and trauma, and creates a protective layer around the unborn child. Not for nothing that during puberty in girls are rounded hips - so the body preparing to protect the child, ensuring that his fear of fat layer, and along margin in case of lack of food.

When the percentage of fat in the body falls below the norm, women stop menstruating - the body conserves energy and not spend it on even a healthy maturation of the egg.There are too zealous "degreasing" there are other consequences:

*weakened all the body's defenses: for the normal functioning of the immune system requires substances derived precisely because of the securities of dietary fat;

*woman becomes more nervous, Irritable, captious. The reason lies in hormonal imbalance, because for the production of hormones are also necessary fats;

* enhanced body hair - Deprived of warming fat layer, the body tries to keep warm with the help of at least the hair;

*deteriorating memoryReduced intelligence and ability to concentrate.

Three one

However, the realities of life are such that often we get to see the reverse side of the coin - the fat in the body accumulates more than necessary. Doctors determined obesity as "a complex chronic disorder appetite regulation and energy metabolism, the successful cure of which requires long term."

Moreover, under the cure is meant achieving and maintaining a healthy weight throughout life.

It is interesting that people in their development is just three critical period when the amount of fat reserves may increase for reasons beyond his control: the last trimester of fetal development, the first year of life and during puberty.

When a pregnant woman eating "for two", ignoring the advice of a doctor, it thus contributes to deposition of fat cells in the body of the fetus. Kids who grow up in the breast milk, usually gain weight according to the standard.

However, it is easy to overfeed baby, if he on feeding tubes, offering him the rest of the milk mixture in the bottle, but he turns away from the nipple was full. And in fact, that the teenager is gaining excess weight during puberty, too often guilty too "caring" parents.

But if you made it safely to adulthood in normal-weight and then started to gain weight, the reason almost always in violation of the energy balance, in other words, you consume more calories than you expend. Only in rare cases, excess weight may be due to hormonal disturbances and drug treatment, stimulates the appetite.

Cells XXL

It is known that food contains proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which provide us with the necessary calories to live. But as soon as get them more than is required at this time for immediate energy spending, the surplus for a few hours will turn into fat, which is postponed to the "black" day.

In adults with normal weight, there are about 25-35 billion fat cells. Obese their number can reach 75 billion. They are distributed unevenly in the body: in some areas their more other less individually.

But it's not so much the number of fat cells, as the amount of each of them is easily modify the shape of the container that has the property of unlimited growth. The human body can store only a fixed number of carbohydrates and proteins, but the amount of accumulated fat limit no.

How much would it either came with the food, it all settles in the fat cells, which obediently grow as needed. Imagine a possible prospect ?!

The body has to reckon with the amount of all restock: stretched skin, increased load on the heart, difficult to handle all internal organs on their feet bear a more gravity.

You registered shopping

Most fat-burning activity, of course, aerobics. This term can be understood as dance, active exercise, walking briskly, swimming - any actions that require a deep breath.

Its acceleration indicates that the body has increased the demand for oxygen, and increased metabolism. Also, effective exercises that involve major leg muscles - they burn more calories than, for example, arm muscles, are simply smaller.

Valuable and that the fat in the abdomen during aerobic activity is consumed first.

It is best to start training under the guidance of a coach who will help you choose your own, for you the most efficient speed. Well, if it was not close, note that the running track and other sports equipment for aerobic often equipped with an instrument for measuring heart rate, as well as tables with the recommended program for your age classes.

However, fat is burned successfully and slow but prolonged stress, for example, if you have the whole day shopping, look after the clothes, trying on new things ... Yes, shopping actually burn calories 150-230 per hour! If you do not "fill up" on every corner and ice cream cakes, and chicken salad for lunch and a snack fruit, it is possible to get rid of quite a solid amount of calories.

Pears and apples

In which part of the body fat cells are growing or decreasing, genetically determined. Not in our power in the process of losing weight to reduce only "problem areas", even if you really want. Wearing tight belts "Special" shorts, and other tricks have no effect, except that impede movement.

Our body disposes of fat reserves in its sole discretion. A well-known sports physician Covert Bailey once remarked that if with exercise could lose weight in certain places, then all fans of chewing gum would have been very thin face.

The official medical term for an individual whose fat is located primarily in the lower part of the body - "ginekoid" (unofficial - "pear"). A man who has more fat in the upper body in the abdomen, back and chest, called "android" (or "Apple").

The distribution of body fat and the effect of age related hormonal changes. For example, in young women "stocks" tend to be deposited in the hip area under the influence of estrogen, to form a protective layer around the fetus during pregnancy.

With age, the level of this hormone in blood decreases, whereas the fat accumulates in the upper body, particularly in the abdominal area. Layer of fat around the waist in women usually increases with the onset of menopause.

Most men are more willing to just fat deposited in the abdominal area. Only when it becomes very voluminous, fat cells expand in the limbs and other body parts.

Less common, but still there are "ginekoidy" men and "Androids" - among young women. And sometimes even distribution of fat on the body. We can not control this process, but do not despair: how to approach the figure to perfection, rather, dropping all the excess, there is - this will help you fitness.

It is possible to strengthen the muscles in the troubled area of ​​the body that greatly improve its shape. This is especially true stomach and hips. However, if you can lose weight so that the buttocks or breasts are not left without fat (a "female pride" mainly because it consists), decides the body itself. But the benefits of exercise will in any case: because of the abuse diets muscles are weakened, and it does not contribute to beauty.

Especially harmful fat in the abdomen: they impede the functioning of internal organs.

Big time Rush

Adipose tissue is not inert, it does not lie under the skin of a dead weight, like many mistakenly believe. Turnover of fatty acids is continuous, a never-ending process controlled in hormone levels.

For example, under the influence of adrenaline in a stressful situation or during physical activity, fat cells mobilized: release into the blood fatty acids as an emergency source of energy necessary for the immediate physical effort or struggle with the cause of stress.

Simultaneously, the body continues to the formation of new triglycerides (fat molecules) of fatty acids with received food containing excess calories. Go to new blood and old, worried the release of adrenaline, crawl out of their holes cells.

The situation in the bloodstream fat man can be compared with the station area: some passengers just arrived, others are going to leave, and people are always full. Blood nearly always shows a high level of triglycerides and fatty acids in obese patients.

Particularly sensitive to adrenaline, and therefore active in this regard, adipose tissue located in the abdominal area. Given that the high levels of triglycerides in the blood increases the risk of developing atherosclerosis, the "android" greater chance of developing cardiovascular disease than "ginekoidov".

However, there is a period in a woman's life when the sensitivity to adrenaline adipose tissue is increased in the hips and legs. This occurs during breastfeeding. If the mother leads an active lifestyle, it is much easier to lose fat in this area. So hurry!

Then exile fat from these places will be more difficult. However, a slim figure, unfortunately, is not a priority at this stage, young mothers often complain of lack of time.

Still, you can always combine business with pleasure and walk briskly to the stroller, instead of sitting in the park and chatting with friends. Do not be afraid to break out of power - nothing provides a tidal energy such as physical activity. Especially in the name of shapely legs and thighs.

Cellulite is not sleeping

In the appearance of cellulite is to blame the hated fat. But he is not alone! Orange peel really is the result of uneven distribution of subcutaneous fat layer, but only with the weakening of connective tissues.

With age, they increasingly weaker, and the fat layer increases, so the situation is getting worse. The more fat, so, of course, cellulite more visible but the stronger the muscles - so unobtrusively.

Yet the tendency to form bumps under the skin of genetically laid. There are fat women with a body elastic, like a ball - they have well-developed muscle mass and strong connective tissue. And ladies, not full-bodied, but with undeveloped muscles and weak connective tissue, are at risk.

The most natural way to smooth the surface of the thighs - to get rid of excess fat with the help of a balanced diet and strengthen the muscles of the thighs and buttocks exercises. Of course, as is always the case, effectively prevent the problem. But who would believe in young years that there are wrinkles and cellulite ...

Fat fat strife

Excess protein eaten is converted into fat, carbohydrates - also, and fats, of course, is no exception. But what do you think, which of macronutrients passes this process easier, faster and more willing than others? Well, of course, fat, carbohydrates and not as many mistakenly believe, pushing away from you any innocent piece of sugar slice of bread or a bowl of cereal.

In addition, the gram of fat provides 9 calories and sugar - all 4. Why do lose weight on "fat" diets carbohydrate-free? Because, despite the fact that these diets do not exclude the fat products, the calories in the diet are still strictly limited.

Recommendation "Eat plenty of fat" implies that you still will not eat a lot of butter without bread.

For calorie fat origin has no value. Tablespoon of vegetable oil, lard, fish oil or butter - it's all the same 15 grams of fat and 140 calories. But their source is important for health.

Fats found in fish, strengthen immune system, walnuts and almonds - reduced "bad" cholesterol. And excessive use of animal fats significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

May harm fat, fatty meats, sausages, as well as margarine and all products containing it (muffins and cookies). Although made of margarine and vegetable oils, but since its natural structure has changed in the production process, this product promotes blood cholesterol as well as animal fats, if not more.

Absolutely no risk to health and even for the benefit of it to completely abandon consumption of fatty meat and absolutely all kinds of sausages. But fill salads small amount of vegetable oil, there are fatty fish (salmon, cod, sardines), snacking on walnuts, bake cookies from the ground almonds (not margarine) - is simply vital.

Breathe health

Calories eaten, not demanded by the body, accumulate in the fat folds. This happens every time you eat at a time when the stomach is already full. Just click the seeds in front of TV, varnish cream cake After quite a hearty lunch, automatically send in your mouth you offered candy, empty out a box of corn flakes from boredom ...

It was then that new fatty acids attached to their brethren, merge them together, increasing your cells in large yellow oily drops. Imagine this process, when a full stomach to limit sweet stacked on the flank or perching near the TV, and to spend an evening.

Alone is languishing in a cupboard tracksuit and light trainers gather dust in the hallway. But this is our only allies in the fight against fat cells that grow and make the body shapeless.

But if instead of sitting on the couch you cheerfully walked across the street the evening, then without wasting labor surplus calories - fatty acids will stop halfway in a "depot" and burn in the furnace of your energy costs. You know what they become when you move? In the water and carbon dioxide. Exhale as they ran!

Eugene Kobylyatskaya, dietician

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