What is fitness

What is fitness
 It is now becoming increasingly fashionable to exercise and have a beautiful body. There are different ways to achieve this, and fitness - one of them. Catching up on them, you will not only beautiful, but also healthier.
 Fitness as a concept comes to us from the English language and translates as "to be fit" or "fit." In more detail, the fitness - this area of ​​sports, which aims to improve health, change the shape of the body and its weight. Unlike other sports areas (eg, aerobic) fitness is taken as a basis for individual selection of diet and exercise.

Among other things, fitness includes the ability to fully and correctly to relax and take care of their own bodies. As a result, the health and well-being improved by the following set of factors.

During exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system, the body receives enough oxygen, and the person may actively resist disease.

Catching up on fitness, a person burns a lot of calories, which means that he does not need to adhere to a strict diet that allows you to get enough vitamins and nutrients.

Exercise helps the production of serotonin - the so-called "happiness hormone". When its level in the body increased, people feel emotionally well, getting enough sleep and simply refers to the difficulties.

Fitness classes to help escape from everyday problems and not to focus on them.

Now very popular fitness clubs, which are common in many cities. Although you can do fitness and at home, sports clubs have their positive aspects. For example, in the health club has a highly skilled or as they are called, fitness instructors who will help you choose an individual training program for each member according to his wishes and health.

In addition, visiting a fitness club, people to meet and interact with others pursuing the same goal, as he did. Because of this, he has a greater incentive and desire to engage in physical activity, seeing their achievements and successes of others. This will help him to not give up in the event of failure or unsatisfactory results.

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