Water treatments at home waters

Water treatments at home waters
 Water treatments are very helpful. But not everyone can afford the expensive salon massage bathtubs or hiking in the water aerobics in the fitness center. Then why not arrange aquatherapy right at home using a variety of shower heads?

Has always been popular hydrotherapy, it's natural factors impact on the human body. Therefore, to improve your body, to arrange a regular home water treatment. Start right from the morning: take the needle shower. For this purchase in the store a special nozzle. With its help, you can adjust the thickness of the jet and the water pressure.

Every morning, massage your body for ten minutes thin hot streaks. This procedure will help to improve blood circulation, invigorate and solve skin problems. Only mandatory on their plumbing put filters. They purify water from impurities and neutralize chlorine.

Afternoon arrange a power shower. To do this, remove the end of the hose nozzle and jet power shower massage the problem areas. This procedure will solve the problem of cellulite and improve the shape.

After taking a shower in the bathroom, you can hold water fitness. For this you need a rubber mat and the same pillow under his head. Water should not be hot, but not cold.

Perform the following exercises: Sit in a bath, pull forward leg. Slowly raise and lower them. Repeat three times ten approach.

Then change the water: up to mid-calf, pour cool water. Follow the steps in place. Leg raises high.

Such aquatic exercise massage effect due to stimulate blood circulation. This technique removes the physical stress and tension will lead to relaxation.

In the evening, take a relaxing bath, which will help to calm down and relax after a hard day. Pour broth arnica, chamomile or sage, to relieve stress. If you want to relax - linden. Rosemary - to clean the pores. And if you squeeze the juice into a bath of five lemons and add slices of one orange, you get an excellent tonic effect.

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