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Cycling can be a good aerobic workout your body. Also, you can strengthen your leg muscles, get rid of excess fat on the thighs. Biking helps to improve the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Cycling is much more pleasant than running, and the effectiveness of the same high enough. With by bike can reduce weight by burning fat in the working muscles (legs), to develop stamina, strengthen or increase the volume of the leg muscles.

Bicycle trainers in gyms are quite popular among those engaged in, but if you go on this bike in the park or in the forest, the pleasure and the benefits will be much greater.

Use a bicycleAs a means of training, the best in the country, in the parks, in the villages, ie where there is a large number of machines and plants. Because during vigorous physical work increases metabolism, breathing becomes deeper and more frequent, increasing gas exchange in the lungs. And if at this moment you will find yourself next to a dozen exhaust pipes, the entire benefit of lessons will be reduced to nothing. For classes need clean air, free of dust, dirt, impurities, etc. If you live in a major city, but still in the center, then it is better to go to the gym than to run or ride a bike between the machines ...

For training is preferable to have no old bike and preferably with several gears. If the bike is old and so aims to crumble down the road, it is unlikely to get pleasure from it, besides the thought of his unreliability will distract you from the training process. Therefore, make sure that all nodes have been greased bicycle had all the necessary details and in good working order. I would advise to apply for such assistance to the familiar boys and men, as our, female, look half torn rope brakes can be a mere trifle, and 10km away from the house it would eventually be problematic.

Use any type of bike route and develop training. It's a matter of taste.

There are general guidelines for cycling:

- Only go on the proper bike
- Make sure that the frame was selected in accordance with your growth
- The right to set the height of the steering wheel and seat
- Your clothes should be comfortable and well protected from the weather
- After a long break gradually get used to the bike
- When pedaling monitor the efforts of the legs: try to put pressure on the pedal is not just a top-down, and promote it across her path - when the pedal is at the top, press down, pushing forward and down; when it is at the bottom, push it back
- Do not forget to bring the pump, the basic keys and tools (even if you do not know how to use them - somebody help)
- If you have problems with health, consult your doctor
- Give up training during bad weather and unimportant state of health

That it is desirable to have:

- Bike
- Pump and veloinstrumenty
- Sports clothing and footwear (believe me, in a skirt and beach slippers is not very comfortable to ride a bike)
- Cycle computer for determining the speed of movement, distance and travel time
- Veloochki to protect your eyes from the sun, wind, dust and insects. The most traditional frame for a bicycle - is glasses-shield, goggles with "tight" rim - will also work. Brown lenses provide decent protection from light and good contrast. Necessarily need lenses, 100% protect against UV. Photochromic lenses are ideal for riding at different times and under different lighting. Those who rides in contact lenses should always wear glasses to lenses do not dry out.

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