Rules of Conduct for aerobics

Rules of Conduct for aerobics
 Finally you decide to do her figure and purchased a subscription to a fitness club. But to a new, unusual place not look stupid, you should follow a few simple rules.
 Do not be late for class. If you do not have time to aerobics, better not go to the gym or go, but at the next class. If you miss, you do not prepare your body for a certain load, as miss a workout. Second, all participants had already taken their seats. When your belated appearance will be a permutation prevents an occupation and possibly to cause irritation in humans.

Before training, do not use perfume with a pungent odor. It is impossible to do aerobics, when there is a man that smells like perfume from the store. Come to the gym in clean clothes. Do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene, or who do not like standing next to a man, for example, with dirty hair.

Do not take in the aerobics room phone, better turn it off and leave it at the reception of the club. He may accidentally fall and break, and call divert all involved.

Respect other members of a class, do not engage in quarrels. After all, you must be present between harmony. Do not be rude coach, follow all his demands. Fitness trainer - a professional, he knows better how to do something. Do not use profanity when speaking. Also, if you come with a bad mood, do not take it out on other participants and members of the staff.

Put on appropriate exercise clothes and shoes that you do not accidentally get injured. Do not go to the gym with a sports bag. It will clutter up the room.

Treat newcomers with respect. After all, you also once did not know where the "powder room" and the name of the instructor. It is better to go up first, get to know and offer to help.

Adhering to these rules, you will make training enjoyable for yourself and others.

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