How to make your legs less

How to make your legs less
 Enhanced training legs can lead to a strong increase in weight so that it will be unnecessary. To reduce feet both to discharge mass and to improve the relief use a series of simple guidelines.
 Of those exercises that you previously used for bulking, leave exercises on a machine leg press, a simulator for flexion and extension of the legs, as well as exercises for the calf muscles. Use the average weight for quadriceps leg, and for all other muscle groups - the lungs. Increase the number of repetitions of each exercise twice, the number of repetitions of the same leave. Concentrate on the speed of the exercise - try to complete each approach in the shortest possible time.

Begins and ends each of his training exercises on a treadmill or a stationary bike. Before training simulator pay five to ten minutes in an easy pace, and after - thirty to forty minutes on mode "fat burning". If this mode is not available, use the "ragged" rhythm - the alternation of light and medium loads every couple of minutes.

Limit your ratsioe. Minimize the amount of flour, fat and sweet. Try to eat the meat as little as possible, if it turns out badly - replace the meat on lean fish. Stop taking protein shakes, if you take them before. You can also use low-calorie diet, but make sure that you have the strength to complete the workout.

If you still have time and energy, sign up for fitness classes, step aerobics or. The key to a decrease in muscle mass is a combination of prolonged endurance training with cuts calories. The more you follow this rule, the faster you will achieve results.

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