How to learn to turn the hoop

How to learn to turn the hoop
 Wrap long been used to maintain health and physical fitness. This simple thing helps achieve impressive results for people who have completely different level of athletic training.
 The origin of the hoop has ancient roots. They were used in gymnastic training in ancient Egypt and Greece, which was confirmed by numerous excavations. Initially, it was made of bamboo wood.

Its modern image hoop hula-hoop or acquired through Richard Knerr, founded in the USA in 1948, the company for the production of sports equipment. In Russia, the hula-hoop appeared in the early sixties and gradually gained popularity.

Currently, there are hoops are made of various materials and having various design features.

To start exercising, you need to learn some of the rules for its use. Women during the critical days and the elderly should not use sports, massage or hula hoop weighted. Pregnant women and recently given birth, as well as people suffering from diseases of the back and abdominal organs, must consult a doctor before workouts.

In the absence of contraindications hoop can be as your primary sport trainers, as well as an additional tool in stretching exercises, massage, weight loss, improved forms of waist and hips, etc. The effect of its use will be as noticeable if you've found the right shell and individual exercises, their intensity and regularity.

Before class, make sure that the rotation of the hoop you nothing and no one will touch.

The rotation of the hoop does not require any special skills. Slightly turning it clockwise, then against it gradually warm up and forced to work the entire body, his training, eliminating the excess weight, normalizing all vital processes.

At the beginning of classes you must not get tired. It is necessary to use light weight model for 5 minutes a day, for example, the usual plastic wrap, hollow inside. Gradually bring the lessons to half an hour. When they become a habit, you can start training with the hula-hoop aluminum, heavier, again starting with 5 minutes of its rotation. When performing exercises with hoop do not forget about breathing. Breathe freely. Try not to talk. You can do the music.

It should be borne in mind that the massage and metal hoops require getting used to. Too zealous activities can lead to bruising. Therefore, at the beginning of their regular training wear tight belt on the waist and hips.

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