How to build shoulders dumbbells

How to build shoulders dumbbells
 As a result of inactivity shoulder muscles lose the beauty of forms and movements are constrained. Systematic studies dumbbell exercises to help develop muscles add strength and endurance.  
 Shoulder muscles are divided into two main groups: trapezoid and deltoid. Flat Wide trapezius muscle is located in the upper back and upper neck. Its name refers to the shape of the muscles, the base of which is directed to the vertebral column, and the upper part - to the shoulder blade. Trapezius muscle involved in the tilt of the head, allows movement of the blades, the raising and lowering of the shoulder girdle.

Deltoids, resembling the Greek letter "delta", originate from outside of the clavicle and the bottom of the blade. The main part of the muscle covers the connection of the blade with the upper arm. The main function of the entire deltoid muscle - a retraction arms out and her recovery.

Inflating the shoulder should be combined exercises aimed at specific muscles with low pressure on the other, and techniques that develop only a certain part of the shoulder. Most exercise involves tightening of dumbbells in your hands, which in itself already contributes to muscle tension deltas. Pumping muscle, watch breath when lifting dumbbells breathe in when lowering - exhale.

Perform exercises aimed at training the upper part of the trapezoid muscle. Stand up straight, arms with dumbbells at your sides lower, while the palm is facing the thighs. Bend your elbows, raise the dumbbells to the axilla, and return to the starting position.

The next exercise is to stretch the muscles and deltas trapezoid. Stand up straight, put hands to the front of the thighs, palms pointing in their direction. Lift the dumbbell vertically, bending and lifting your elbows high. After dumbbells rise to the level of the chin, bend the elbows and raise your hands high above his head. Return to the starting position by performing the movement in the reverse order.

The following two exercises are considered severe, they are aimed at all the muscle bundles deltas. Place hands with dumbbells in front of thighs, palms turned to them. Simultaneously or alternately lift your hands up straight. The next exercise is the same, only lift the dumbbells up through the sides.

Now perform exercises designed to work one-time rear delts and trapezoids. From a standing position, tilt the body forward at a right angle, lower your arms down, turning the palms inward. Lift direct hand in hand, without straightening the body. Make sure that at the time of wiring dumbbell hands bent at the elbows and at the end point was in a position parallel to the floor.

The following exercise will help to pump the front and middle delts and warm all the trapeze. Take the same starting position as in the previous technique, but the palm with dumbbells pay back. At the same time raise both arms back and forth. In this case, do not sweep and keep your arms straight. Then, alternately lift your straight arm back and forth.

Lie back on the floor or bench, take hands with dumbbells in hand, palm upward send. Raise your arms forward and return to the starting position. This exercise - training base of the front delts, in doing so, observe moderation, so as not to injure the muscle.

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