Fitness at home: between the kitchen and TV

 According to many women, they are happy to be involved in fitness, if it had not had to spend an hour (half an hour, two hours a day - stress the need) to collect and deliver a favorite place for training. And - the same (well, maybe a little less, because it is painted is not necessary) the time spent on the way home. And how do you find such a piece of time and so overloaded schedule? For a mother or a working woman like that - an unacceptable luxury. Although the ladies out there! Long road to fitness and painful preparation for entry into the light of day - no more reason to deprive yourself of "muscular joy"!

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Engage in fitness at home - It is accessible to almost everyone. And that was not boring, systematically and correctly, use our advice.

-Purchase a disc with a fitness course - Firstly, it is clearer than a book or a magazine article, and secondly, the exercises will be shown, but it is important. Will set the rhythm and demonstrated the required number of repetitions. In general, the complete illusion of training with an instructor. The only time - really Treat promises differing savvy marketers and tricks. Believe me, look like Cindy Crawford Cindy Crawford can only. But of course, this does not mean that you can not look better.

-Buy a beautiful shape and make yourself a little holiday, "intending" to training.

-Glue the picture on the fridge some gorgeous celebrities. Repeat to yourself, "What have I done to her / him with the help of Photoshop, I will do on its own! "This auditory training - a powerful thing, especially from the desire to help empty the fridge late at night.

-Keep a journal, Notice there during training, their intensity, the number of approaches. Plan ahead, analyze traveled.

-As an inexpensive improvised can recommend fitball, dumbbells, hoop, rope, a special CD "waist", expander, and many other small but useful devices. You can find them at any sporting goods store. If the money - no question, buy a simulator, their choice is great - from the huge foldable treadmill to "press the coach."

Organize space

For full employment, you will need the free space. The size of the freedom to determine just - lying on the floor, stretch your arms and take a few swings down. Stand up, reassemble the pieces and scattered belongings, looking for another place. In general, depending on your size, you will need an area two and a half to two and a half meters.

Of course, the better to engage in a special mat, but in a pinch, fit and regular home floor carpet. "Naked" floor bodily injury - too hard and slippery.

Combine useful and twice useful - tempers. Summer training with an open balcony and windows, vents in the winter do not be afraid, it is - your friend, because through it in your lungs gets fresh air, so necessary for you in the process of training.

Organize home

As practice shows, from all distracting activities. Husband, of course, do not mind if you lose a few kilogrammchikov, but his comments about technology exercise can withdraw from a Buddha. Dog as soon as you laid on the mat, with guilty eyes brings a leash, and wagging his tail, looks you in the eye - the good, they are now at a comfortable level. Cat suddenly remembers that he still loves you, and with a loud purring strives to lie on the same mat, but right under you. The children found a) special test lessons, b) a runny nose, and c) the desire to eat something / drink / see.

The easiest way to fight with a cat - a one-time touch and proud animal tail removed violated feelings and offended air. And all the rest will have to drive the hand and lock yourself in a room is now intended to celebrate the sport.

Oh, and by the way, during a training session must call the chief. Therefore, turn off all means of communication.

Organize themselves

In fitness at home, besides really invaluable advantages, there are such a difficult time as raising self-discipline. And if in a dream you appear slim and healthy beauty, this does not mean that your employment will be regular and intense. What a headache, the film shows, it is not managed, then a lot of work, then overeaten ... So really serious motivation - 90% success rate.

Some help dress, bought for the occasion and for mere pennies, but ... three sizes smaller. Others dream of holidays on the warm sand in a candid bikini. A more significant portion of notes that after training cease to crackle joints, not dizzy, becomes smoother skin, improved sleep, mood and normalizes sexual life ... Create your own version!

Remember: Regular classes for three weeks - and you will form a good habit! You will become dependent on sport - and it is to this we seek.

Natalia Rudenko

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