Dance - language understood by all

Dance - language understood by all
 Dance - a special art, with which you can convey the mood of the hero, his passion, love, grief, hatred, sensuality without words. But any dance does not become spiritual, if the contractor does not live it and not try to put all his heart and soul.

If a woman wants to attract the attention of men and call it jealousy, she will not refuse to perform the tango. Tango must together and counterclockwise. The main movements are the steps of tango, dance size - four quarters. Jealousy Tango will be visible to the naked eye if the dance is full of movement, artist immersed in the image, and music harmoniously complement these components.

If you have a desire to plunge into the world of positive emotions, fire-breathing passion, reckless fun, the Latin American dances will help make the dream a reality. In Latin American dances, there are several directions: cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba, salsa, mamba, jive. Everyone can choose the direction to taste. Dancing Latinos can ignite anyone, because in them a sense of freedom, drive, emotion and frantic pace. In addition, these dances present grace and a great plastic.

Great popularity among young people acquired a style R & B. It is noteworthy that a single dance school for this area is not, each dancer performs differently their movements. If you want to move in all planes without rules and restrictions, this dance for you. But you have to be plastic enough, because in this direction a lot of dance undulations.

Dance in the style of GO-go will help you learn how to combine different dance styles in one. He is a kind of erotic dance without undressing. The main feature of go-go dancer is the ability to feel the rhythm, good move to the music, to improvise, to combine the effects of acceleration and deceleration movements and perfectly combine them.

Dance, because dance - an international language, as emotions and feelings of the hero understood by all people in various parts of the world.

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