Charging the cold

Charging the cold
 To one of the most effective methods of prevention of colds can be attributed most ordinary morning exercises. After all, it contributes to the improvement of human health.  

Almost all immunologists argue that you need to follow a healthy lifestyle and in the morning to do at least an elementary charge. It improves blood circulation, lymph cleanse and rid the body of "stagnant" processes. Also increases the tone of the internal organs, metabolism. Then any ailments disappear and the number of cases per year is reduced several times.

But if you exercise the most important thing is - do not overdo it. Not necessarily be the champion! If a person is doing exercises, then that is enough. It does not just strengthens the musculoskeletal system, but with the right selection of exercise contributes to strengthening the respiratory muscles, thus, reflects favorably on the condition of the respiratory system. It is not necessary to use sophisticated exercise. The most common exercise: rotation limbs and head, hands in the breeding side, tilting, rotating torso, etc. But to do all this should be quite active, with a good mood.

Treatment of cold charging offer scientific researchers from the University of Chicago research group of Professor David Nimena. They argue that we should not take aspirin sharply, but only - and drink vitamins - especially vitamin C.

Required slow walking outdoors, during morning exercises as well. People who make a daily 30-40 minute walk, recover from colds to 2 times faster than those who did not go out. Should be performed only mandatory conditions: the legs must be warm, and the body can not bring to sweating. But if it turned out that his feet were freezing, then come home, save a hot foot bath. Do exercises together with your loved ones and be healthy!

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