Art strip of plastic

Art strip of plastic
 In the art of dance, you can find thousands of different styles - from timeless classics to the still young modern jazz. Anyone can choose for which it is most closely. Recently, very popular among the girls bought a strip of plastic.
 Strip of plastic allows you to show your personality, to express it in dance. All movements are flexible, smooth and sensuality, and without the emancipation of this dance style is difficult to imagine. Of course, the audience (especially men) is a mesmerizing sight. Many people confuse the plastic strip with a striptease, but it is not the same thing. Striptease - just a part of the dance, the ability to beautifully undress.

This dance is distinguished from other traits such as plasticity and sexy movements have touch of eroticism, but there is no vulgarity. With it, a woman learns to open a femininity. In the strip plastic can be noticed a hint of flirtation - but he will remain a hint and goes verge of decency. During the dance, you can try on new roles, transform into different images - in fact it is so lacking in real life. The secret of a strip of plastic to deceive, without removing the clothes. Every room in this dance style can be called a small show, which will be needed not only dancing skills, but also artistic skills.

After a strip of plastic is easy to express their emotions. It provides an opportunity to look at ourselves completely different look and see all the advantages and emphasize their; and the audience can enjoy the beauty of the body. The combination of sharp and smooth movement looks to strip plastic is extremely attractive. Also, a lot of attention during class this kind of dance is given to stretching and posture - without them it is impossible to perform a series of specific movements.

In this dance direction easily combined rewarding and enjoyable. Strip of plastic helps keep your figure in excellent shape, remove excess weight, get rid of unnecessary complexes. Already after a couple of training the body will begin to acquire more feminine shape, become more flexible, gait - air.

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