Woman - no dishwasher!

Woman - no dishwasher!
 Family, life. There's no getting around it. Housing is necessary to clean, cook food, wash clothes, and wash the dishes. One of the most disliked lessons for every woman - washing dishes, because the family have to be fed three times a day and each time to wash the mountain of dirty dishes. Dishwasher saves in such cases, but it is not in every family. Especially in the main decision to purchase home appliances takes her husband, who, in principle, all the same manner in which this will be the utensils clean.

Husband for some reason can not understand that his woman - no dishwasher, and spend most of their lives for washing dishes - not an enviable fate. Dirty dishes tends to multiply the speed of light, occupy all available space in the kitchen and wait for the moment when the houses there will be no clean dishes have very long.

From this situation, there is a fairly easy way out - to use disposable dishes. Buy a bag of plastic or paper plates, forks, spoons and cups, and see the reaction of the men. How can he hold out? The first day he will be angry look and mutter, and the consequences depend on the nature. Or give up and buy a dishwasher or adapt himself and will eat disposable forks.

To ease their plight is possible if the family has grown children, who will be able to wash at least once a day, plates and forks. Ask the husband is useless, even if it is after much persuasion and agree to help, most likely it will happen in the first and last time.

With her husband should conduct an educational talk on the subject of home help. If he flatly refuses to wash the dishes, let the vacuum cleaner or wash floors. Men often have great pleasure in doing light housekeeping. Rather, he is soon bored, and he will agree to purchase and washing machine, a hiring and coming three times a week maid

In general, would not hurt him to clarify what purpose he married. If he really chose a life partner, it is not for her to live in the kitchen. The role of Cinderella is no longer relevant. It's time to throw away all stereotypes that guy in the kitchen is not a place, and to listen to the wishes of his wife

Woman lifelong dream to go to the kitchen and see the reworked all the dishes, cooked dinner and happy family. Is the man does not want to see at least sometimes shining with happiness face its second half?

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