Woman for a lasting marriage

Woman for a lasting marriage
 How to choose a woman with whom you can live happily for life and do not regret their choice? The question is quite ambiguous, as many people - so many opinions. Also tastes, views and preferences often run counter to make a choice, because the heart can not command.

The first thing that plays a significant role in the selection of women for men - is its age. As a rule, men like ladies under their own for five years. In the future, a strong half of mankind will be very flattering that they have a young wife.

The second important factor - education and woman's mind. With it should be interesting, it must be able to maintain a conversation and not just idle chatter, and interesting remarks and views. Intelligent and educated partner very excites man. Only all should be in moderation. It should not overshadow their knowledge of it. Let elect thinks he is the most intelligent and wise woman always allow him to think so.

With regard to the material conditions and social status, for a real man and sincere feelings is not an indicator. But there are individuals for whom it is essential that the woman was not rich and successful men. Otherwise, it may further affect his self-esteem.

As for the former marriages, paradoxically, but families where one spouse was already married and the other did not have such experience, strong enough. To a large extent this applies to divorced men. Second wife often in a latent form compared with the first, and, realizing this, she tries to be better.

Well, perhaps the most important aspect, in which a man chooses a woman - it was her beauty. Sexual attraction - the most important thing in a successful marriage. Whatever it may be clever, hostess, companion and a wonderful person, but if it is bad, then the dream of a happy marriage is not necessary. And the beauty is in every man's own understanding. Someone draws attention to the model looks, and some - on the proportions and sweet face. It's a matter of taste. But if a man finds his woman beautiful, it's a half of a successful business.

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