Relatives are harmful to health

Relatives are harmful to health
 Life - a difficult thing, but without any problems even getting bored. But when we come trouble, helping us out, we are waiting for in the first place from relatives and friends. What if they are the source of problems, not just not supporting us and taking the opposite direction?

Remember the movie where a large family living under one roof. Just seems like fun to share all the household chores together to spend winter evenings by the fireplace, hold pillow fights, make kebabs in the yard. Half woes and joys. But this is only movies, but in real life a little differently.

On the dangers of the presence of the same family more than their absence can speak in the following cases. If they do not accept your lifestyle, what constantly repeat, criticize, "brainwashed." You do not live by the rules, do not buy it, do not spend money, so in general they are, for example, would have done like this so yes.

They interfere with your life. Psychologically and physically. Set up against each other (in-law against daughter-in, for example), you are buying for what you do not ask, trying to bring up your children, exposing you to a complete ignoramus. I wish all the ways to organize your life - offer a job, ask about earnings, about buying a car.

Have an unfortunate reputation, and you have a common circle of friends. Knowing this, people believe that you are one family, and therefore exactly the same as they are. Come to stay for an indefinite period, break your plans, enjoy it a lot and with pleasure. Hang on you their problems, as if you simply live. Borrow money and do not return the promise. But why? You're one big family. You are always ready to help, but they are not. You can not stand each other, you do not like these people, as a person, and you communicate "through clenched teeth."

After any of these items you will find at least - headache, maximum - a prolonged depression and the final break of relationship, since all of these situations give rise to conflict. However, the conflict of interests and is robust grain, if it is - it is a reason to think that something is wrong, wrong, perhaps you yourself something wrong. Trying to avoid conflict with relatives or solve it, man develops, opens a new face, new features, new opportunities. To understand the causes of the conflict should find its source.

Most often this is a source of dissatisfaction of one party to a conflict to others. For example, not long aunt comes to his nephew, as a result of sister swear. The source of this conflict - dissatisfaction sister that her child is not paying attention. A veiled conflict may be trite phrase, intonation, aggressive communication.

To understand who is right and who is wrong, you need to talk. Sit in a relaxed atmosphere, forget the insults and quietly, without nerves, talk. It is not necessary to step on your throat, on someone else's whim, if there are no grounds. Only here and offend relatives for no reason you should not, perhaps, for you are genuinely concerned, as they say from the heart. We have to learn to listen to and hear each other. It is important to understand the position of an opponent without laughing, recriminations and resentment. Look for a compromise to resolve the dispute. Conflicts, depending on their permission or strengthen family relationships, establishing communication or destroy all communication, why in the latter feuding whole coalitions.

Large and happy family, with aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, where everyone appreciate, help, care - is not a myth, just on the relationship to work, daily and hourly. Take care of yourself and family and proud that you have each other.

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