Marriage or friendship?

Marriage or friendship?
 Sometimes people can not decide what to choose, marriage or friendship. It is impossible to say exactly what this is better, and worse. All people are different, someone there are certain principles and their own beliefs on this issue. Still, it is worth thinking and weigh, and then to go to the altar and bind their lives forever knot.  

Marriage - is not only the union of two loving people, but also the mutual responsibilities. First of all life, which is often a factor plays a major role in the divorce. By the marriage need to be prepared, especially the fact that you have to help my other half, take care of her and constantly maintain. Marriage is not just romance and romantic evenings, but also dirty socks and mountains of unwashed dishes. It is worth noting that living alone, but having a boyfriend or girlfriend, not so much everyday household chores, which are straining the most in family life.

If you are a home person, who does not love parties, discos and dream of a quiet family happiness, then, yes, marriage works best for you. In a quiet family circle, you will be happy and comfortable, will not have to rush to the next appointment in full dress, and you can safely walk in the tension-shirt next to her beloved husband, which gives you a sense of confidence and well-being. She was married, you can safely give birth to a baby and live like most families live.

When your thoughts and dreams are employed in the work, bustling nightlife and myself beloved, it is better to choose the friendship. Constantly living in different apartments and only occasionally met, you will not owe anything to anyone than. There is a desire - met, and no, it means that you can move a romantic evening with all the attendant circumstances later. If you want sooner or later, you can create a family with this person, and if not, then at least do not have to deal with divorce and division of property.

Choose marriage or friendship, you focusing on their own needs. If you do not plan to live the life of another person, it is better to keep just be friends, so you will be easier and more comfortable. When you have a desire to share with the person literally everything, then you are ready to create a family. Marriage - a responsibility and friendship - just light relationships that can break off every day at the request of one, while without much pain and frustration.

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