Marriage or cohabitation

Marriage or cohabitation
 Traditional marriage and cohabitation have much in common, but also differences, no less. Marriage or marriage - is an important decision that requires a certain moral maturity of both partners. Cohabitation does not demand special commitment and gives a sense of freedom. Everyone chooses their own path, we can only speculate about the newfangled trend not to make an official marriage.
 During the Soviet era society to exert pressure in favor of joining in wedlock. This was a definite meaning, people avoided the problems that began to emerge during cohabitation. In general, these difficult situations bother women, as the desire to start a family is their inborn.

Girls tend to keep a loved one around him in any way, and agree to live together, get to know each other better. But this is a temporary phenomenon is gradually transformed into a permanent, alternate weeks for months, and they - the years of "civil marriage". The man did not see the point in a die, because it and so fed obstiryvayut and love. Why do I need something else?

But the meaning of marriage is not legitimate is the amount of ink that is spent on printing. It is much deeper. With the conclusion of formal marriage love outline around itself certain limits, which are not allowed to cross to other people. Opponents and rivals do not perceive as a stable couple of boyfriends, they continue to nourish hope and seek the favor of his subject sighs.

People living together, but their relationship is not made, much easier to make a quarrel and separate. Parents lovers do not understand this and continue their decision to look for a "decent" pair for a son or daughter. Familiar one partner to learn that it is not painted, can be invited to some events only him, without illegal "half." You're satisfied with such a relationship?

Marriage - a recognition of common interests and objectives. Two loving each other declare that they will face problems and rejoice together. If a child is born, the husband and wife appears the main purpose of life - to grow healthy successful person. Boyfriend perceives the baby as an obstacle and a burden and often goes from woman to save yourself the hassle.

If you've been living with a man, but he always pushes serious talk of wedlock, you need to think about their future. Clearly arrange their priorities, and if your current relationship does not correspond to them, the situation is changing. Cohabitation is very dangerous for women's mental health, it does not give them the opportunity to realize himself fully.

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