Italian recipe for family happiness

Italian recipe for family happiness
 Italian family psychologists conducted a relevant study, which was attended by three thousand couples seeking family harmony. According to the results, they have formulated a recipe for family happiness, which consists of 10 items.

1.Muzhchina and woman should have at least a few common interests. It will enable partners in their spare time to do a common cause or talk on a common theme.

2.Ezhednevno partners must recognize each other in their love at least once. There is nothing better than to hear from a loved one phrase: "I love you."

3.Okolo three times a day in a couple relationship must be accompanied by arms and relaxed touch that not only express love and care, affection and the need for a loved one.

4.Romantichesky dinner at least 1 time in 2 weeks. This will help for a while to escape from everyday problems and plunge into the world of romance and love, where there is no one besides you.

5.Zanimatsya sex partners should be at least 3 times a week. And sex should be welcome, the satisfaction of which will have both partners.

6. In the day, both partners need to remind each other about themselves by means of a call, sms-messages or e-mail message at least 2-3 times.

7.Okolo 2-3 times a year should be a family celebration and surprises, preparation of which must occur together.

8.Sovmestnye trip somewhere able to rally the relationship. Therefore, they should be at least 1 times per year. And it does not have to be traveling abroad, you can just leave the city.

9.Otdelny holidays should be about 2 times a month. Man, for example, can go to the bath with your friends and the woman to go with her friends at the cafe. Do not need all the free time to sit next to each other, it can quickly get bored. And after a single hanging still and will that tell each other and share their emotions.

10.Druzhba with happy couples and hike to the guests. Carefree tea party, sea of ​​jokes and conversations on general topics charge of positive emotions and distract from domestic problems and work.

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