Is there life after the registrar?

Is there life after the registrar?
 Happy newlyweds represent the unity of the two loving hearts - they gently holding hands, looking at each other in the eye and did not even admit the thought of a possible disorder. Having lived in a marriage for a while, both realize - there is something that violates the seeming eternal bliss.
 Relationship before and after marriage differ sharply. If we try to understand the reasons causing such a situation, there is a chance to save the family fortune.

An important reason for the loss of the notes of romanticism that distinguishes found a pair of legitimate spouse, a way of life. Routine life gradually erases memory are times when you want to bring the joy of each other, leaving only solution to everyday problems. After the holiday, and the magic of wedding, when it seems that it always will, come family routine - getting up early, dressing gowns and elongated sweatpants, daily stress at work, mutual claims, etc. This is an inevitable stage of grinding, which can smooth the joint efforts - a bit of attention (a bouquet of flowers, a favorite dish, romantic note), efforts to bring myself up (at home also need to look good, with both spouses), and your life will be a little brighter and warmer .

Financial problems are able to "strangle" the strongest marriage. Constant lack of money, rented apartment, to pay for which is necessary to give all the available funds, the presence of a young child growing needs - you need to enter into marriage, they have had at least a minimal financial base and the opportunity to earn. Test poverty is not the best option for the existence of the newly created family.

Different characters, the difference in female and male logic - the eternal problem of the union of two people. Mutual desire to learn to compromise and be able to negotiate, attention to the needs and respect for the views form the basis of strong relationships.

Purely masculine striving to win a dominant position in the home and "shift" the wife of a secondary role, downplaying her services as a mistress of the hearth, lead to an increase in the number of conflict situations. Allocation of responsibilities and equal relations will help to build an ideal family, which has the potential to "longevity."

Conflict with parents - this faced by many couples. Limit the scope of non-interference in the affairs of your family, even the elimination of warm relations with the people of the older generation - with time things will get better, and you eliminate one more irritant.

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