How to send a daughter-work

How to send a daughter-work
 The relationship between the husband's parents in law does not always add up in such a way that the latter can only sit at home and cook delicious soup until all employed wage work outside the home. And it was so-so future life together represent some of the girls of marriageable age: they plan to stay at home until all pets go to work. In an effort to take his daughter-useful and gainful employment, the husband's parents, at times, trying by all means send it to work.

The overriding objective should address issues regarding the relations between daughter in law and mother in law, whether they trust each other. If between them have developed a strained relationship, then resolve the issue peacefully and win it will be extremely difficult. Of course, you can shout in a fit of anger, but it can not be a guarantee that the daughter in law will understand the situation correctly and then run behind a newspaper advertisement for work in the shop.

As a rule, the question of employment rises when the family did not have enough money. It is not necessary to daughter in law lived with her husband's relatives. Young family can live separately from their parents, but have difficulty. If the cause of this issue is money, you should clearly and lucidly explained the situation daughter in law. There should be no ornate and intricate phrases, because when it comes to the financial condition of the family and the need for additional flow of funds, it is necessary to provide a clear picture of the upcoming future.

The best option - it's a conversation. It is best to come together at the table and a cup of tea, to discuss options trades (if more than one), and workplaces. Joint search operation may contribute to the fact that the daughter in law willingly go on contact, to agree to your proposal.

You can also consult with the agency engaged in employment of the population, view job on the Internet, to contribute to sending resume (for example, the husband's parents have the option of sending them by fax or email, and daughter-in this is not possible).

No less important in this case - to show that you as parents are ready and willing to help, and not simply "float" daughter-employment. After all, the purpose of employment is to benefit the family. Help parents may lie not only in the passive search, but also in active collaboration. Thus, in some cases, you can suggest daughter in law, work in the same organization, staffed by parents of her husband. In this case, it will not only be safely employed but still under the supervision of the so-called.

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