Double bedroom - not a place for sadness

Double bedroom - not a place for sadness
 Over time, the passion between the spouses dies. It is sad but true. But we must not tolerate this state of affairs. All in your hands. Make your intimacy with her husband bright and desirable.

To your spouse with a life was brighter, try to observe a number of simple rules. Do not have sex in between times. If you go to bed with goals scored by reports and meetings, the good of you will not. To marital sex is not turned into a five-minute, get ready for it.

Prelude is required for sex. Quickie course good, but as diversity. Surprise your partner. Make a light massage, cook his favorite dinner. Joint water treatments can be a great beginning of a stormy night. You can offer to watch a movie for adults. Suppose you have a husband will be some ritual that will appeal to intimacy.

On his plans for the evening is better to agree in advance. If the evening is football and you planned to sex, then you can wait for disappointment. No need to put her husband in popularity in the form of an order. Call him at work, hint at the proximity. When a loved one comes home, you can flirt with him. You will not regret their efforts.

Do not be afraid to experiment. You should not be ashamed of his partner. Who, if he can not talk about their secret desires. Discover new sensations. Suggest together go to the store intima. Find your new facets of sex. To date, much of the literature on this topic. Try a new posture or offer to make a home video.

If you have to separation from loved ones, use it to benefit. Take care of themselves and their appearance. New hairstyle, hair color. Or maybe a strict diet. Upon return your husband pleasantly surprised to new changes. This is a great way to refresh the senses. And a note of jealousy on his part may be to the benefit of an established relationship. Your own self-esteem will be higher. Do not let your feelings fade away, and be able to carry his love and passion for life.

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