Babysitting - the cause of male adultery

Babysitting - the cause of male adultery
 It has become fashionable trend look for the causes of behavior and character of an adult in his childhood. This is partly true - many of the features and features built into us genetically, in the process of education and purchased our own. So, looking at the shy and insecure person, we can say with certainty that his little loved and praised as a child, did not teach him to fight with difficulties and comfortable with the temporary failures. But what is the reason that many men do not consider it shameful to change, it is also from my childhood?

Recently, the famous British psychiatrist Dr. Dennis Friedman (Dennis Friedman) published the results of studies that concluded that if a child is brought up a nanny, then it becomes the norm double standards in relation to women. If the mother has delegated its powers maternal essentially another woman, it is becoming the norm for boys to have emotional and physical contact with several women.

Dr. Friedman argues that the image of the mother and the one who takes care of him, is divided in the minds of young men. Mother begins to exist by itself, but the woman who feeds him, bathes, engaged with him and cares about him - in itself and it is not considered a contradiction. Moreover, it is the one who spends more time with him, that is, with the nurse, he feels confident and calm, he trusts her and her soul and her body.

According to this theory, when the child grows up and becomes a man, a place in his heart and life takes a wife, and place a nanny - a lover, warm and trusting relationship with that replaces his life relationship with a nanny. Babysitting educating boys in childhood causes of male adultery.

This theory and conclusions that makes Friedman, quite controversial, but now men appeared good reason and justification for his frivolous behavior. If you take it seriously, you should feel sorry for apostate, which is so lacking in childhood maternal affection and care and, of course, immediately forgive him.

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