Adultery and divorce

Adultery and divorce
 Both men and women allow themselves to change your loved one for some reason. But not all of them are aware that infidelity necessarily entail consequences, up to the divorce.
 Treason - one of the main causes of divorce between men and women. The laws of human morality and religious situation condemn it, but nevertheless, the problem of infidelity relevant today.

Explain the reasons for cheating husbands primitive instincts, according to which the basis of male behavior is the desire to copulate with a greater number of women. Resist these instincts equivalent confrontation own nature, men claim and argue that such resistance can cause mental disorders.

And everything is good, but the men quite successfully restrain another of his old instinct - the desire to kill. And they restrain him because they know about the severe punishment for the murder of his own kind. Vacant aggressive energy the stronger sex is directed to a class of another kind: sports, career, creativity.

Polygamous men can be transformed, but mostly it depends on women. In many cultures, they are trying to change their way, each time becoming different and each time surprising your partner.

Women are much less likely alter their husbands, but they are solved, as a rule, to take this step because it is very unhappy in marriage. Among the reasons, according to which women change, apart is the pursuit of the missing attention from other men, whom they so lacking in marriage.

The fairer sex are constantly in need to their attractiveness was seen. But sometimes stale compliments from her husband, becoming a way of life, but the attentions of strangers make you think that it chic and popular. Close is difficult to surprise each other, but could have a negative assessment bombshell and give a crack in the relationship.

Another paradox is that men do not usually suffer female adultery and immediately go, taking the children and their belongings, while women usually try to save their marriage. Therefore, before you decide to commit adultery, you must weigh all well and think, and if you need it in real life.

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