5 causes of discontent in the family

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 "Love is blind" - this truth has been known since ancient times. Youth in love sincerely believes his chosen model of all virtues. Similarly, passionately in love with a girl in the emphasis does not see. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is different from starry-eyed dreams. Relentless statistics shows that many families fall into the first year of life together!

The first reason - is the presence of only one love, which is often mistaken for the very common passion. "With sweet heaven in a cottage," - this saying many people cheated! Say, would love, and everything else - is secondary. Of course, this marriage is unthinkable without love, but above all, it is - a compromise that requires patience, understanding, willingness to make concessions. But this, many newlyweds, alas, no!

The second reason - the couple forget the wise rule: "The husband and wife must be from the same cloth." "Opposites attract! "- This is true in physics and chemistry, but not in family relations. People who are completely different in nature can also create a happy family. But more often it leads to scandals, and after a divorce.

The third reason - infantile, selfish behavior. Marriage - not mere happiness. Besides, no one is obliged to bring it to you "on a silver platter." Often the case: family life seems young as one big happy. Moreover, it must provide the other party. And so, without feeling happy, young mutually embittered.

The fourth reason is the belief that family life is limited to sexual relations. Many couples before marriage believe: if they have all the good in bed, then in everything else, too, will be fine! Of course, sexual harmony is very important, but it is one not enough to create a strong, close-knit family.

The fifth reason: a hope that can change the behavior of an adult. Miracles are extremely rare! Sometimes it also happens: oddly enough, love is not blind to the shortcomings "halves" see. But sincerely believe that it will be able to get rid of them. "He loves me, then change their behavior! "And then suddenly it turns out: there it was!

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