The ideal wife. Instructions

The ideal wife. Instructions
 We all want to be close to a perfect husband. But such a perfect wife and immediately Give! How to become the ideal companion for life? This is not difficult, the main thing - to know some of the secrets ...

What should be avoided in the first place in their behavior? What is most annoying man in the fairer sex?

1. Numerous curlers on her hair and a thick layer of cream hardly like your spouse. Men love to cook an excellent result, not the process of repelling them.

2. Never read notation and educational dogma in the presence of other people, it is very painful accept any man.

3. How would the ladies did not want to listen to every minute declaration of love, it is better not to require it endlessly, especially during a football match.

4. Representatives of the stronger sex is not particularly popular with many women talking on the phone with friends, mom, as well as their many hours of shopping trips.

5. If a man does not accept the division of household duties in half and believes he only - earner in the family, you do not need to endlessly meddle, but better be cleaned when the husband is not at home.

How, then, to become an ideal wife?

First of all, it is a good hostess, friendly and welcoming with friends of her husband. But to flirt and flirt with them is strictly prohibited.

In the everyday duties of a wife should enter care of her attractiveness and grooming. Loving lady herself always loved.

The ideal woman behaves with dignity, it is not ashamed to appear in any sector of the public and to be published.

Unjustified jealousy and frequent stupid questions on every little thing - it does not tend to a woman's dream.

A man should be a private space, their interests and hobbies, and sometimes he needs to be alone. This should not be forgotten.

Of course, the list is endless, because perfection is no limit. So listen to the wishes of her husband, and with you, the perfect wife, he is just himself and become a real ideal.

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