How to overcome the divorce

How to overcome the divorce
 Divorce - a difficult test for a woman, even if her family life is a failure. If marriage seemed quite happy, the message about the upcoming divorce her husband at all borders with the "bombshell". Woman confused, shocked, does not know what to do. She feels lonely, abandoned, useless. How did she behave in such a situation?
 The main and absolutely essential requirement is necessary to convince myself that nothing irreparable has happened. Yes, it hurts, yes, sorry. But life goes on. Only death is irreversible, and any other situation, if desired, and persistence can be wrapped in their favor.

If married had children, any normal mother would understand that it is necessary for them to pull themselves together. If there are no children, it is desirable, at least temporarily leave the situation where everything reminds us of the failed marriage. Ideally - to go to a spa or go on a foreign tour. This will help the woman to calm down, come down.

Some ex-wife in such a situation are eager to take revenge by engaging in an intimate relationship, almost from the first counter man. They think that they will be punished ex-husband did not appreciate his wife appreciated. Of course, a divorced woman is free in his personal life. But, perhaps, to do so is still not worth it. As such fleeting novels in most cases bring only new disappointments.

In no case do not feel sorry for yourself, do not wail: "Oh, why am I so unhappy, oh, why did this happen to me." Especially do not look for sympathy and understanding from relatives, girlfriends. A more reliable way to drive yourself into a prolonged depression is hard to imagine. You will willingly and diligently regret calling sufferer. And you with a probability of 99% sure that unhappy. And you need now quite different: to buck up, to feel that you are - an interesting woman, full of life. Improve their self-esteem.

Even if you pronounced "homebody" adoring household, are not confined to the four walls. Go to the theater, concerts, sporting events, art exhibitions. Do not neglect a party with friends and acquaintances. Maybe that's where you will meet a man that you like.

Teach yourself: Now you have free time. Shopping, update your wardrobe. Pick a new original style, make-up, make a new hairstyle, get yourself interesting, was fond hobby! Finally work, appearance, figure. Join a fitness club or swimming pool. In short, keep active, busy life. It is well known: these women are literally attract attention. Surely there is a man who not only appreciate your worth, but also proves to be reliable your former satellite.

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