How to build a strong marriage

How to build a strong marriage
 All women marrying dream of a happy family life. But not all succeed to implement. Meanwhile, build a strong marriage is possible.
 Most women, imagining an ideal family, draw a picture of a magazine cover. Most often, it will be displayed on the smiling couple in white, sometimes - with the same smiling baby and apparently without worries. In real life a little differently: white shirts instantly get dirty, work problems, a spouse in a bad mood, and the child's remark in his diary. There is no place for Hollywood smile - not to be broken.

More often than marriages weaken or collapse under the weight of long-term problems, and often - quite small, only domestic level. Scandal associated, for example, with deception or betrayal, can not always be the cause of the break - of course, provided that the perpetrator is really all realized sincerely repented and is doing everything possible to relieve the pain caused by them.

Strong marriage begins with the selection. The problem is that marrying for love partners do not choose, and completely give in to emotions. Which tend to dry out pretty quickly, especially when an infamous life. However, if one is between people there is love, not love, marriage has a good chance of success. The main thing - to quickly evaluate a picture of what is happening, aside everything superficial (claims, grievances, claims) and constructively reflect on the prospects.

When a misunderstanding between the partners helps to put yourself in the place of another. After all, in fact, to this elementary reception resort very few - to nurse their own grievances and complain to others much easier. As an experiment, try to understand the work of her husband - will you have to deal with it in less time than he himself? And if not - not worth the allegations of lack of attention.

Respect, a willingness to support and even some self-sacrifice - the main pillars of a strong marriage. However, these qualities do not arise by themselves - on their elaboration may have to work hard. Recognizing the incorrectness of this behavior by specifying the desired result and the steps necessary to achieve it.

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