To live with the unloved husband

To live with the unloved husband
 Interestingly, and you would live with unloved man, annoying and straining your own behavior, the person to whom there is no longer any feelings, and all just to save a cell of society, that is your family?

Most of the people in Russia do not agree to live with a spouse or former spouse of common children. These data are the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center as a result of deep analysis test. It was questioned about 1,600 people in 140 cities of 42 subjects of the Russian Federation.

Among other reasons, is a way to save the marriage disintegrated, Russians celebrate: the deterioration of the health of the spouse (wife); fade feelings of one spouse to the other; total house area or property; fear of being alone; fear of losing a source of income; to pressure from relatives, friends, or any other religious orders and instructions.

You understand that, in principle, the husband is not such a bad person, but you love him no present. The main thing - no choice but to live together with her husband, either. And so for months without leave you longing and despair of what is still a very long time, you will need to stay with him under one roof. Despite the fact that he's a great man, but certainly not your "soul mate."

And if you clearly understand what you hard the presence of the man next to, the output of this only one. You should limit the time to communicate with her own husband. Think less of him. That is, decide for yourself that you absolutely indifferent husband and start building it, oddly enough, human relations. How to do it?

First, take a look at her husband as a colleague at work. Secondly, do not try to hurt him and wish evil. Third, show true interest in the affairs of her husband (professional success, health and hobbies). Fourth, if you still husband made you trouble, do not react too violently. Try to get the benefit from this, for example, a gift.

Fifth, do not quarrel with his family and friends. Sixth, try to understand the motives of his actions to control it unobtrusively. Seventh, take care of her husband, as his appearance tells others what you wife. Discover the taste and try to please sometimes something that is to do something for him with his own hands. For example, embroider his initials on clothing, or contact him scarf. But first, be sure to consult with him in order that he gets pleasure from it.

Eighth, do not be afraid to compare her husband with others and be sure to notice it not only disadvantages, but also dignity. Ninth, do not feel sorry for yourself. In addition, it will take time, and perhaps you will realize that life with your man - this is not a bad option, and could be much worse.

And finally, always remember that the main thing - it's you. Therefore, in the day to highlight at least an hour for yourself to do only themselves and not to think about her husband, and a relationship with him.

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