The worst-in-law can only be a mother ...

The worst-in-law can only be a mother ...
 Women are always more difficult to get along with each other than men. Perhaps this is due to increased emotional or vulnerability. Relations "in-law - daughter" a striking confirmation - rarely seen harmonious, smooth, and even more so - trust cooperation in this pair. But no less dramatic at times and attitudes are formed in a pair of "mother-daughter", especially if the daughter already has his family, forced to live next to his mother.

It is believed that the main motive mother's behavior is the desire to make the daughter happy. But often it is replaced by a desire to simply selfishness, when the only possible option for the daughter of a happy life together with his mother believes her existence. As a result, any chosen daughter, no matter how good he was, never will be approved by the mother. It will look for flaws in it and invent ways to embroil daughter with him.

Sometimes the cause of the conflict of mother and daughter becomes a kind of "jealousy" mother to the fact that my daughter all going well, contrary to the advice that her mother gave her in her youth. Selecting the insolvent young man and decided together with him to build their family happiness and prosperity, the daughter may just irritate the mother so his decision. Under the pretense of taking care of the children of happiness, parent may attempt to breed with the daughter, not her opinion, "inappropriate" in-law and met a man more wealthy.

In fact, the cause of all is the subconscious fear of the mother become unnecessary, so she tries to manipulate her daughter. As a result of this behavior, the situation is heating up in the family, two family just recently one another person can become almost enemies. And mother and daughter begin to feel resentment, each there is a feeling that it gave the closest person.

Of course, in such a situation, the only choice - to disperse, rent an apartment. Separation - the best way to understand how much you love and need each other. If this possibility is no, then you must endure. Divide all the household chores, help my mother, not shifting the whole life on her shoulders. Hold joint celebrations, family dinners. Share the news with her, do not make her feel lonely and useless.

Often rest from each other - leave with his family on the weekends on excursions, to friends or to the country. Give the mother the opportunity to travel the most. Let it feels still need a person living an interesting and full life. In that case, if it is to deal with them, it will be less time to participate in your personal life.

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