Pros and cons of marriage of convenience

Pros and cons of marriage of convenience
 Today is such a thing as a marriage of convenience, quite often. People's views on this issue vary: some believe that it is good, and someone does not approve of. In order to objectively evaluate the marriages of convenience, it is necessary to weigh all the pros and cons.
 Psychologists, watching the married couples, zhenivshimisya on the calculation, there are the following advantages of this phenomenon:

And a man and a woman in such cases, to create a union deliberately, weighing the pros and cons, as opposed to those who married for love and was blinded by emotions. Often arranged marriages remain strong over the years is due to the fact that the move was deliberate, and eventually his wife used to each other and they are having a warm relationship.

Both spouses get what they want.

Both husband and wife spared the suffering associated with the change, jealousy, neglect of another, etc. No one is afraid that the feelings fade partner, and not torment yourself.

Marriage of convenience is not terrible joint life: first, the couple provided and no problems related to the lack of money or work, does not arise, and secondly, no feelings and no fear that the love boat of life is broken.

If the positive aspects of a marriage of convenience are mostly material aspects, among the disadvantages, especially, should consider the moral side:

No feelings, and it is assumed that the marriage thing - love.

Intimate relationship becomes a duty, and cease to be fun. In such cases, one of the spouses is part of the plant lovers, of course, secretly, so as not to lose a rich husband or wife.

Often, for one of the spouses is established surveillance that deprives him of his liberty.

Husband or wife is completely dependent on his rich wife and can not be confident in the future one hundred percent. Who knows what may come to mind another? Suddenly, he decides to dissolve the marriage, and then a beautiful rich life will remain in the past.

Often, after the dissolution of marriage of a wealthy spouse leaves his ex-wife without a livelihood and, even worse, precludes her from seeing the children.

Sometimes the spouse who owns the money belongs to another, as if it was another purchase, and a constant reminder of who's in charge.

Just how strong is a marriage of convenience, and what are the relations of the spouses, enclose it depends only on their moral qualities. It may happen that someone will return to the broken trough after several years of beautiful but painful life. Is it possible to break out between the spouses feelings, and their family history turned into a beautiful fairy tale with a happy ending.

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