Marriage: traditional, guest, civil

Marriage: traditional, guest, civil
 According to sociologists and psychologists now people are trying to preserve the institution of marriage as a guarantee of stability. Although all the classic marriage is also a popular, not all couples can meet their needs in a joint way of life. Therefore, along with the classic form of marriage, there are other types of it. Some of the most common marriage - civil and guest.

The classical form of marriage is officially registered by the Registry Office, cohabitation and economy. In most cases, such a family, there is a single budget is the head of the family (and, more often a man), which takes the most important decisions.

Most often is currently dating the civil (trial or unregistered) marriage. Such cohabitation without formal registration relations typically created in order to verify the relationship in a joint way of life, and for some it is the only acceptable form of marital relations. Also, it is widely believed that unmarried partners have fewer obligations to each other.

Recently more and more widely distributed guest (extraterritorial) marriages. Is such a marriage by official registration relations, but at the same time the spouses live separately. They occur only by mutual consent, sometimes together spend evenings, nights married may also periodic cohabitation, but the economy is being conducted on separately. In addition to group activities, the husband and wife do not have each other any duties and live their lives.

Psychologists, on these types of marriage, of the view. The classical form of marriage, by its terms, is closer to the female half of society.

Guest marriage is closer to men, as combines and the presence of his wife, and freedom of action. It is worth noting that over time the guest marriages are increasingly beginning to like women. This type of marriage is able to solve a lot of the classic problems in the traditional form of relations. No one asks questions such as "where have you been," the husband is not walking around the house in his shorts, his wife does not scare him a mask on his face. They are all also attractive to each other.

But civil marriage psychologists call the road that leads to nowhere. After all, the reluctance to register the marriage officially is evidence that both spouses or one of them are not sure of your choice, or the veracity of their feelings.

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