Joint life. The Golden Rules

Joint life. The Golden Rules
 What does it take to marriage was strong to live together bring joy, not disappointment? Every loving couple different answers to these questions. But, in most cases, it is enough to observe a few "golden" rules.
 Remember that there are no perfect people! Even the most beautiful in all respects a man there are certainly drawbacks. So be lenient and tolerant attitude to the habits and mannerisms of his "half" that you say politely, underwhelming. In extreme cases, try to speak frankly about it, but, of course, politely, calmly, not to get personal! Clearly indicate that it does not suit you, and ask them to draw the necessary conclusions for the future.

Do not forget the wise rule: "A kind word and a cat is nice." Often praise a loved one, do not skimp on the good words. Of course, there is also no need to go to extremes, but always remember: any much nicer when his praise than when criticized!

Despite his busy schedule, fatigue, irritation, etc., be sure to take the time to listen, give advice, just sympathize, if necessary. Do not reproach her "soul mate" in selfishness and callousness: "Do not see how I feel now! Could not you have waited? "Your patience and tact pay off handsomely.

Even in the most loving family, alas, sometimes spouses forget about delicacy, tact. However, they believe it is in order: Well, what secrets can be between husband and wife, what else personal space? And it is in vain! Think about it: because you had no idea it would be, for example, to read without the permission of a letter addressed to a stranger. You would have regarded it as an amazing faux pas, on the verge of rudeness. So why do you show the exact same faux pas in relation to the closest person? Remember, trust and liberty - a completely different concept!

Immediately arrange that'll help each other through the house, not dividing the work into male and female. And try to keep this arrangement. Of course, if the wife is preparing a lot better, it is logical and reasonable if it is it will spend most of their time at the stove. The husband is quite capable of vacuuming the apartment, take out the garbage, at least sometimes to wash the dishes.

And, of course, when the family will have children, efforts to care for them should also be reasonable to divide. Help her husband will certainly be appreciated properly!

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