Is there life after marriage?

Is there life after marriage?
 Marriage - a very serious and responsible step for both men and women for. But for some reason, most likely, for a man's greatest fear. Newlyweds never think what awaits them after the wedding, because life dictates its own rules, and love already takes on a whole different meaning.

Many couples were married, want to have children. But it is better before birth a little getting used to a new life with someone you love. Be sure to have any further problems, quarrels, so that's all you need to be solved before the birth of the new man.

The first, which is more likely to be afraid of your man - is to completely abandon freedom. After all, he is the soul - a little boy who just do not have time to work up. If, on the contrary, the young man marries after 38-40 years, it is impossible to completely make a home. It becomes even a little wild. Such a picture can be called a deviation in the unconscious man. And all because of different ages for different experiences and prepared a surprise, therefore, it is necessary to marry without tightening or slowly.

Also, marriage can interfere with friends of her husband. Often, every man there is at least one friend who will always talk to your husband that life after the wedding, no, that nothing good has never been married, no one is. Typically, these friends or are not happy in his marriage or unmarried, divorced more than once.

The next step for fear of married men may come when the husband begins to be jealous or just check your and your feelings. Because a man can at any time simply scared of the fact that you do not love so much to marry. And after the wedding will begin to make sense of it and gradually enter into a depression.

Also, there may come the problem is not fully mature men for family life. This can manifest itself in the fact that man will not even just a little help to his wife at home, will be a lot of walking and have fun. Such a man is not accustomed to the fact that now he has a family and think about the future of his family.

A very big problem, which is the case with most men of power - the realization that his wife is his property. Little by little, the man begins to command his wife, ordering her to do this or that, and eventually begins to shout. If we assume full rein in this case, it can reach up to the fact that your beloved will be a variety of ways to punish you for the smallest not the job done.

Not every man marries when knows exactly what he is. If a woman will have some nuances and knowledge, it can man even with the most difficult character to make the perfect for you and your family. Thus, a man in such cases never notice how much it changes his beloved wife.

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