If the husband says he is not sure in a relationship ...

If the husband says he is not sure in a relationship ...
 Every girl wants to get married, put on a white dress, but after the holiday, come the usual routine. And to ensure that family relationships were as strong as before marriage, you need to work on them.

If my husband said that he was not sure in a relationship, it is a serious cause for revision of your views on family life. In order not to lose it, you should immediately take some action. To get started, try to understand yourself, What do you feel to it and as a treat. Maybe you somehow lost interest in your spouse, do not give it enough attention.

Look at yourself in the mirror. If you see it as a woman with unhappy expression on his face, in the old dressing gown and shaggy hair, then your spouse can be understood. Now take a wedding picture and look at the happy, beautiful, well-groomed girl. Of course, the husband also noticed the difference, therefore urgently need to freshen up. Work with your own appearance: buy a home suit, make light make-up, carefully lay the hair, and most importantly - smile. Your husband is sure to appreciate it. And do not relax - so you have to look every day.

How long have you been talking to his companion that love him? If you do not remember, be sure to do it, hug, kiss, because men like little children, they need constant care, attention and affection. When my husband comes home from work, do not need to tell him about what cleaners cleaned the apartment, and quietly listen to him talk about the day and held support conversation. You have done a lot. Now look at his reaction to your change. Unfortunately, if he still has doubts in your relationship, the more likely he is already decided and prepares you for the parting. But we should never despair, the future will give you opportunities to change their lives for the better.

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