How to marry a foreigner

How to marry a foreigner
 Marriage to a citizen of another country can become quite complicated bureaucratic point of view. Be prepared for the fact that you will encounter a variety of legal difficulties, which is better to know in advance.
 To begin, decide what country you are going to live with her future husband. While in Russia, it is best to register their marriage here. Otherwise you'll have to pass an additional procedure legalization of marital union that takes some more time. On the contrary, when the wife is not going to live in Russia, and especially if it concerns the country with a visa regime, it makes sense to marry the groom at home.

For marriage in Russia, you will need your passport and the passport of the groom. Also future husband will have to provide a certificate issued by its embassy, ​​that he is not married and has no other obstacles to its conclusion. If the bride has already taken place earlier in other marital relationship, he will need to present a certificate of divorce. It must be apostille - a special stamp to legalize a document in most countries of the world, including in Russia. It can also be put at the consulate of the State whose nationality has a fiance. All documents must be translated into Russian and notarized.

If you still decided to marry abroad, even in Russia will get a certificate from the registry office in the community that have not previously married. Also, check with your spouse or embassy in his country, what other documents may be required from you. Translate them into the language of the country in which you are going. If necessary, will get a special visa of the bride, which is given to people who are going to marry. In some countries, you can create an account and people with normal tourist visa, but in this case it is necessary to return to Russia has to obtain a visa wife. Therefore it is best to issue a special document to enter at a later date without the mess to get a residence permit.

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