How do I stop the gossip about your love affair

How do I stop the gossip about your love affair
 Not always pleasant when behind whispering neighbors, friends, colleagues, discussing your personal life. And when just gossip acquire such absurd and non-existent details, that as much in the mind ceases to pack, what happens is rich in human imagination, it becomes unbearable and even disgusting vile heart. Why and to whom it should be and whether you can somehow stop this mess?

The main cause of gossip is elementary human envy. May not even be specific to your love story and a whole to your person. You're so clever, beautiful, beautiful achieved success at work, so also acquired a guy! How can you not begin to envy? It's your love story and becomes the last straw through which you become the main object of idle talk. In this case, gossip (and you most likely a female envy of your same environment) selflessly dream that in your sweet life revealed at least a teaspoon of tar. They are divided between a variety of suspicions about the imperfection of your second half. Maybe he's a cheapskate? He completely unfaithful! And suddenly he still drunken alcoholic? Maybe she met him for the money! And the possibility of the truth of these thoughts are so warm your soul envious gossip passed from mouth to mouth, gathering new and far unflattering details, claims to be the only reliable. 

What to do? Firstly, just envy you, then have something. You have everything in life is perfect, you love and be loved. Envy - it is only an indicator of your success in life, and gossip about the love affair - it costs. So just have fun and plenty of praise in front of her boyfriend Gossip Girl. Casually spoken with them the phrase "And it yesterday I arranged a romantic date ..." "He works with me every night with a gorgeous bouquet of roses meets, and at home I was waiting for a delicious dinner prepared by them", "His mom just super" "He earned money for our gorgeous wedding, you, of course, everyone is invited," in the end, all of this will make them realize the failure of further spread gossip.

Second, solve the problem of gossip and may your young people to stand up for your relationship, but still it is better that does not talk about the curious and annoying co-workers, neighbors, or at least chatty girlfriends. In this situation you have to handle herself.

Thirdly, the important thing is not to take a defensive stance, it is still more to provoke others. The most optimal solution to this problem would be a complete disregard for these conversations, and if you do not work, then an urgent need to find a new victim gossips, and then they finally leave your personal life alone.

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