Civil marriage: agree or not?

Civil marriage: agree or not?
 Civil marriage - an invention of the West, came to us recently. Once the state has ceased to carry out a specific policy with regard to the institution of marriage, and the company began to look condescendingly on the communication of a sexual nature and the birth of children out of the womb of the family, the status of "civil" marriage has become quite popular.
 At the time of its inception, and it happened in the 16th century in the Netherlands, this form of relationship as a civil marriage was progressive. It allows people of different faiths unite in marriage, but not in the church. They recorded the official authorities, and marriage is legal.

In modern society, "civil marriage" is considered cohabitation, in which being a common household, can be born children, but treasured stamp in the passport no.

Special commitment to cohabit without registration relations faced by young people. Men older generation mostly more inclined to traditional family relationships, felts by virtue of education, maybe because of a more serious attitude towards life. But young people can easily enter into these same free-marital relationships.

Needless to say, a civil marriage for men is a means to get all the benefits of family life, while having the opportunity to always keep the "door ajar". Today, this "husband", receives care, affection, coziness and lunches, safe and regular sex from a "wife", and tomorrow he can pack up and move to another - and already there to receive all the charms of family life. And no obligations. But life is arranged and diversity in its entirety. As an option - "husband" can drive "wife" with her - or last common - living space. And "ex-wife" will be left without support, without a roof over his head, with a broken heart, and possibly with children - the list depends on the number of years lived happily unmarried.

Women civil marriage suits to a lesser extent, to a much lesser extent - because everyone knows that the woman in this case is weak, vulnerable side, which is in the high risk area. If you're so in love that dare to live in a civil marriage, try to protect yourself and create a strong rear.

Do not rush with children - Live a with his elect, as they say "check feelings" - who knows, maybe he will disappoint you in a month of living together. Look to "husband" - what is it in the home, how to cope with daily chores, as far as he is tolerant of "collateral" moments of life together, what his family. If you are satisfied and feelings remain the same warm - start preparatory work towards common law husband in the direction of the registrar.

If these efforts have not yet come to fruition - Get consolidate their well-being. Law wife has no rights to property law husband - in the event that it has nothing to confirm the fact of cohabitation and the acquisition of the property jointly form. So do not play in the nobility - this is still no one will appreciate, but simply and gently lead home accounting.

Buy an apartment, a house, a car - do not be lazy to issue equity or joint ownership. Are making expensive purchases - leave checks, have children - register paternity. And is not made over the mortgage loans or long-lasting! Better pass mercantile special than a lifetime of debt hang over the strap, depriving the essentials children and themselves.

Considering the proposal of the "marriage" made with the prospect of civil marriage - think, then think again, and then think about how it should. Or not to consent civil cohabitation - it's your choice. Just remember that this choice can drastically change life. And counselor in this situation should be not only the heart but also the head.

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