10 causes of the crisis of family relations

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 Beautiful wedding sooner or later erased from memory, and there are only pictures. Romance, which was at the beginning of marriage, remains just a dream. Unfortunately, it happens - in a marriage crisis occurs for various reasons.
 Although every family - its difficulties and joys, there are situations that lead to a crisis of many marriages. Here are the 10 main problems that deprive the rest mate:


As at the beginning of family life, and after many years in the family may be financial difficulties. Perhaps because of the circumstances for which it is practically impossible to influence, perhaps due to the fact that the spouses have different views on the budget planning. Whatever it was, disagreements over money often leads to divorce.

Religious views

In the same category may include different nationality of the spouses. If before marriage seemed that can be tolerated by many, that then you begin to understand that the difference in the views of annoying you.

Lack of freedom

Prior to the marriage, each living their independent lives, and after the wedding, the couple may feel trapped in a cage.

The ability to speak

It turns out that even the frequent use of the so-called function words (articles, conjunctions, particles, prepositions) affects the level of communication between husband and wife, and then leads to divorce.

Solving Problems

Studies show that families in which conflicts are resolved with humor, but not hot aggressive disputes is much stronger. Sarcastic remarks and sarcastic jokes also contribute to negative family.

The influence of genes

Anthropologists tend to assert that genes affect the way spouses will change each other. So you need to have to look at the behavior of the marriage of their halves.


Men do not consider it to be the reason for the crisis, while for women it is a real blow. Differences of opinion on such a serious issue virtually eliminates the possibility of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Extinction of love

If we consider that love is caused by the action of hormones, then it passes through time and becomes a habit. For its revival is a new "portion of" love cocktail.

Changing views

Over the years, people simply start treating what was previously unacceptable. Because of this reduced rate of marriage. But in fact, women are hard to tolerate violation of morality.

Virtual communication

Frequent communication in the network is capable to split the family. Besides communicating virtually, people are more inclined to flirt and allow yourself too much.

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