More often than divorced women whose parents had once gone?

More often than divorced women whose parents had once gone?
 Divorce - one of the worst decisions in life. The reason for this can be anything: incompatibility of characters, the fatigue of everyday life, cheating partner, a different social status, but the result of one.
 The stereotype that most divorced women whose parents had once gone - is totally wrong. Bred all for different reasons, at different ages, with a wide variety of circumstances.

Psychologists, meeting a married couple that is on the verge of divorce, are very fond of asking how were the relations in the family parents. Were there any misunderstandings, scandals. Interested in how parents treat (or refer) to each other. Was not in the reconstituted family. After hearing a positive response, clinging to the thread parents-children, as the only correct one. And the problem could be and not in a dysfunctional family patterns that children with parents blamed.

For example, one of the causes of divorce often becomes a different social status of partners. According to Wikipedia, a social status means: "the position occupied by an individual or a social group in society or a separate subsystem of society. Determined by specific to a particular society grounds, who may be economic, national, age and other characteristics. Social status is divided by ability, skills, education. " All this together and can lead to divorce.

No less frequent divorces in the cells of society, in which marriages were concluded at a relatively young age, even when vengeance is raging perfectionism, perfectionism and the desire finally start this very adult life. After some time, the scales fall from the eyes of happiness, you can not get used to partners, pop out all the flaws that are used to close my eyes and ... inevitable divorce.

The third reason for the divorce becomes inappropriate behavior spouse in relation to his wife and children, caused by alcoholism. For some reason it is considered that mug of beer or two every day - that's okay, it's okay. In this case, completely missing the understanding that beer drinking necessarily lead to a more terrible shape when increasing doses of alcohol, increases the aggressiveness of the partner, which often leads to physical violence. In Russian women from childhood walks another stereotype "beats - it means love," and that is why a divorce because of alcoholism wife dares not everyone. Suffer. And in vain ...

And, of course, where do without cheating. This is perhaps the most common item of divorces and absolutely does not matter whether the divorce in the family women, which could affect the outcome of the situation. Changed? Suitcase collected spouse and - to the output. What's the parents' divorce? What are you? Women's pride, self-esteem and disadvantaged reluctance to accept the fact that her husband was no longer belongs to a woman not only physically, but also spiritually - are the main reasons for divorce and is made out, and opens the door to a new life.

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