Marriage is love or calculation

Marriage is love or calculation
 Proceedings of the well-known economists Marx and Engels contain the definition of marriage in terms of materialism: people come together in the family, so they were easier to farm. Not a word about the feelings you will not see here. And it's the naked truth. The concept of "partners", which is used in psychology towards couples, came from the world of finance.
 Money talks a lot. Marriage is now a win-win deal. More people are immersed in materialism. In the statements of representatives of the feminist movement often slips the idea that labor is expensive housewives. Women planning a marriage of reason something like this: "I am selling my husband their services for the education of children, cleaning the apartment, will delight the love joys, and he told me to pay for it." A man who is not against this, in turn, thinks so: "I'd rather pay a one man worthy of my trust, rather than going to hire a person unknown to me for service." Obtained purely capitalist relations.

What are the advantages of marriage of convenience? Firstly, the partners clearly know what awaits them partner, and do not have the habit to evade certain responsibilities. Secondly, following the rules of the game, they get something out of this marriage actually been waiting for: a man - stability, a woman - a high level of comfort. If one partner ceases to follow the agreement, the marriage is terminated relatively painless.

But no matter how rosy prospect looked such a marriage, difficulties appear quite quickly. And his wife, and the husband is gradually growing discontent. The reason for this husband is a fast flow of money. The answer to the question of where the money goes, is simple: the wife quickly becomes accustomed to comfort. The wife also is discontent. And this is due to the fact that live with unloved man, albeit in more comfort, very difficult. She begins to perceive marriage as hard labor, for which he requires more rewards. Therefore, such a relationship was initially flawed. Both women drive themselves in a golden cage, causing no less sympathy than housewives, who are unable to bathe in luxury. Both have to endure, to forgive and to make certain sacrifices. But those who marries for love, though its soul remains.

There are opinions that a conscious marriage based on the calculation, it is much less likely to lead to a catastrophe in his personal life than loving hearts Union concluded on emotions. But the truth is, as always somewhere in the middle. The strongest marriage is entered into between a man and a woman union based on a conscious decision to start a family and supported by emotional attachment. Everything else: net settlement, pure emotion, anyway, will marry in an impasse from which very rarely any selected pair holding hands.

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