Is it worth it to live in a civil marriage

Is it worth it to live in a civil marriage
 Civil marriage - a popular form of relations in modern society. In unregistered respect is many couples because of their simplicity and unobtrusive. But so good civil marriage for women, or is it worth to make a little more effort, and be lawful wife?

The positive side of the civil marriage is. On the one hand, it is a kind of excursion into family life, through which you can get a clear idea of ​​the pros and cons of living with a specific person and see whether you fit each other.

In addition, the entry into civil marriage does not require any cost, which is especially nice if the couple decides to suddenly disperse.

Men who panic fear of the word "marriage", unregistered relationships can help get rid of your fear. As a rule, having lived in a civil marriage, men understand that marriage nothing serious, and more willing to agree to a formal relationship.

However, the big disadvantage is that many men are civil relations, as to marriage "for fun", in which you can play and go, if something goes wrong. According to opinion polls, men perceive his mistress than a wife, but as a friend, can more easily break the relationship than men, in a registered union.

Women also to civil marriage, as a rule, are more serious than men. Most women in informal ways, his roommate called "husband", and set up a long life together.

Often the result is a child. If the common-law husband did not set up to transfer the relationship to official rails, and the child, and a woman might suffer.

In a civil marriage, as opposed to registered, jointly acquired property is not common property, and a woman can not claim anything in case of rupture. In addition, according to the law a man can divorce his wife or in pregnant woman with a baby at the time, as in a civil marriage, no such restriction. These are just a few examples to prove that the family "under the law" woman somehow protected, while, as in unregistered relationships that no protection at all.

If you are going to start living with a pleasing men, women need to keep firmly in mind that these relations by and large do not mean marriage. And if in the process of cohabitation she will understand that this is - this is the man who she wants, preferably still be translated into a formal relationship on track.

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