How to survive the betrayal of her husband

How to survive the betrayal of her husband
 Betrayal of a loved one is always a blow to self-esteem, violates the peace of mind and psychological comfort. Thoughts of forgiveness do not appear immediately, but to restore emotional balance, this process is necessary. Techniques for forgiveness in a particular situation may be different.

Analysis of the situation will help to understand the causes of infidelity and find ways to overcome resentment. Some efforts require revision attitude to the problem. Just try to accept the situation and to make lessons from it for themselves. Often male infidelity - a response to the shortcomings and not the most attractive side of nature women who annoyed her husband. So betrayal - it's a way to specify a woman on her shortcomings. These are the hard lessons lead to the desired result, so find out the true cause of treason.

To do this, you can try to call her husband to a frank conversation. He may not be able to express all their grievances and claims immediately, but even a hint would be enough to begin to analyze the situation. Think about your past conversations, scandals, misunderstanding, because, most likely, the husband have been trying to tell you something, but you just did not want to hear it. Try to put yourself in the place of her husband, and then realize that such a psychological trick will best help to understand the motives of a loved one.

Having dealt with the causes of infidelity, practice forgiveness. Simply change - it does not mean to forget about what happened. It is necessary to pass through all the experiences, to understand the situation and permanently erase it from memory. The most common mistake - a return to the painful problem, when over and over again trying to scroll the situation anew and thoughts kept coming back to it. It does not matter whether you intend to keep the family together or to part with her husband, the main thing - to free your heart and soul of resentment.

Negative emotions are destructive and do not contribute to personal growth. Love yourself and find peace in the soul is necessary in order to anger, sadness and gloomy anguish left you, and only then you will find the joy of life and be able to let go of the person offended you. This is the meaning of building a harmonious relationship in the family - to learn to forgive and trust each other.

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