How to improve relations with his sister

How to improve relations with his sister
 Reasons to quarrel a lot of sisters. And a bad joke, and it is constructive criticism can cause an explosion of emotions. On both sides, as the arrows fly reproaches. And one of the sisters, throwing insulting "do not call" run away home. The second will be to shed bitter tears. Over time, the cause of quarrels seem petty, but the relationship will be broken.
 Take a break in communication. Give yourself and sister a few days to settle down. Trying to solve the problem right away, you can get exactly the opposite result. Quarrel not disappear completely, and only make an extra round.

Use timeout to sort out their emotions. Your thoughts involuntarily will often return to conflict. Do not drop them. On the contrary, keep the internal dialogue: for each argument in your favor, look for the opposite. Try to understand the cause of action or utterance sister.

Go back to your childhood. Remember how you and your sister were growing up, they loved to do together, dreamed about. On fun and enjoyable moments linger, "consider" details. Analyze, which is why you often quarreled. Perhaps, the current problem has to get up in front of you. Think not help reconcile whether any children tested method.

Do a little mental exercise. Find free time and private place where you will not be disturbed for 15-20 minutes. Close your eyes and concentrate. Introduce yourself and sister little girls. Examine in detail the situation in which you are: area, season, clothing, etc. Pay attention to any detail. Mentally go to the sister, take her hand or hug, ask for forgiveness. This exercise will help you to live a moment of emotional explanations offended relative.

Now you can try to establish a real contact. You may find it difficult to take the first step. To make things easy, get a suitable occasion for dialogue. For example, call her sister to find the address of a mutual friend. Or look at the calendar. Surely, there is a holiday, which can congratulate her sister. Send her an e-mail postcard funny, and even better joint photograph.

In the first conversation after an argument, try not to discuss the details of the conflict. Transfer the bad dialogue in a calm atmosphere when you both have time and desire to speak. Do not repeat the same mistakes, figuring out the cause of quarrel. Listen carefully to each other, saying in essence, without offense, one can argue, but to quarrel.

Fix set the world together shopping, cafes, theater or cinema. Suit any event interesting you both. The main thing that you have spent time with her sister, actively communicating, exchanging views and experiences. So, again you feel close relatives and loved person.

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