How to avoid mistakes of men and women in the sex and make it perfect

How to avoid mistakes of men and women in the sex and make it perfect
 In pursuit of exemplary sex, without even realizing that men and women make mistakes, which would not have been better. Thus they spoil so pleasant and wonderful moments of your life.

During its existence the science of sexology was written more than a dozen books on the subject of sexual relationships. They are more like a final and unconditional verdict than a benefit to eliminate unnecessary mistakes and blunders. Meanwhile, all the errors, both male and female, in the sexual sphere are derived from one another.

Men's mistake. In a failed male sex almost always blames the woman, referring to the fact that she was frigid, or simply did not want to take part in the incarnation of his sexual fantasies.
Women's error. In sexual fiasco all the blame on the shoulders of a woman puts the men and discussing a bad sexual experience between them, a real friend certainly embolden and say that just got the wrong man.

Men's mistake. Men's ideas about women's sexual needs tend to be far from reality. They draw from their films, discussions with friends who also watch movies and read dubious reading.
Women's error. Rather than explain exactly what women want to get emotions during sex, they are silent as a fish. Say, if he is a real man, you should know how to deliver real pleasure a woman.

Men's mistake. They are not so romantic, how much wants a weak half. Sex in bed, strewn with rose petals, with subdued light they prefer extreme sex in the dressing room or on the hood of the car.
Women's error. Women are more conservative, follow certain principles and put a taboo on seemingly ordinary things that men like to try.

Men's mistake - woman drink before sex. They believe that this is the best way to emancipation. However, alcohol is not only removes the fear and shyness, but also reduces sensitivity, and often prevents women experience orgasm.
Women's error - to feed a man before sex to satiety. They think that because it will be more active and strong enough for a long sexual intercourse. However, after a meal always feel sleepy.

Men's mistake. Women often complain that men are careless. Having sex without contraception, they do not think about the adverse effects.
Women's error. They are afraid to invite men to use a condom.

Men's mistake. A lot of guys are fixated on the size of your "friend", so they think that most women are obsessed with this sensitive issue.
Women's error. Almost every girl thinks that her body is not perfect, so she is shackled and clamped in bed.

Men's mistake. Men believe that the measure of their success is the female orgasm, so she sometimes it is necessary to imitate, not to trample in the mud male ego.
Women's error. Simulating an orgasm, a woman loses all hope to experience it in reality. After a frank recognition of affectation and hypocrisy can ever tear down relationships.

Men's mistake. Oral sex - every man's dream. The error lies in the fact that they strongly its demand that a sympathetic female reaction - never, under any pretext.
Women's error - the categorical denial of oral sex or barter: you me - I told you.

Men's mistake. After rough sex, men usually try to go to sleep quickly, so the girls accuse them of callousness and insensitivity.
Women's error. Women are too talkative and require continuation of the banquet.

Men's mistake. Men by nature hunters. They are interested in the process of conquest and subjugation of women. The goal is achieved - formed a new installation.
Women's error. Men often accuse women of insincerity in bed, using sex as a weapon to achieve their own selfish purposes.

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