A woman who forgets to congratulate ...

A woman who forgets to congratulate ...
 Every holiday we are waiting for congratulations from friends and loved ones. This account is very important to us. It was in those days, we feel unity with them, spiritual closeness. But it happens that we forget about for some reason, and at such moments is particularly acute loneliness.

Women's loneliness especially scary. Woman - being emotional. For a comfortable sense of self, it needs positive emotions. If she does not get them, life for her turns gray and meaningless. It fades, like plant that forget to water.

Loneliness is different. There are women who live alone. Of loved ones they have relatives and friends. Very often, these women remain congratulations on the holiday. Over time, they get used to it, comforting themselves with the thought that others own problems. Nowadays, not everyone can afford to pay attention to other people. It has become a luxury. People are closed to each other, angry and preoccupied with their own problems.

Unfortunately, we can observe women's loneliness and violence. Having a husband, wife and for years did not hear from him kind words, does not feel the warmth and moral support. One reason for this - education of men. Expression of love he is associated with weakness, for it is not necessary. Holidays, he does not perceive as an excuse association with the family, accordingly does not consider it necessary to somehow congratulate my wife. However, he does not see (or do not want to notice) that the woman from this bad. And the psychological experiences eventually develop into physical ailments. There is irritability, insomnia, along with their headache, exacerbation of chronic diseases. Sometimes a man really do not understand the cause of marital problems began. Meanwhile, on family relationships need to constantly work as wife and husband. It is important to mutual understanding.

We must not forget that we do not have to get something without giving anything in return. It does not happen. Therefore, instead of waiting for a call, maybe pick up the phone and congratulate yourself dear people? Give people a positive, and they will tell you the same.

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