Yin and yang: the secrets of a harmonious relationship

Yin and yang: the secrets of a harmonious relationship
 Often happy and harmonious relations prevents it burning desire to achieve them. Without an understanding partner, without mutual trust is not possible to keep the love for a long time. This does not mean that you have to make enormous efforts and is doing a titanic work, will be enough of your sincerity and tenderness.
 China's ancient wisdom says that every thing and the situation, every phenomenon and a sense of double-digit, that is, have two poles. The properties of their opposite: for example, day and night, peace and war, fire and water, male and female. Men started to get the name of "yang" or "yang" and the feminine - "yin". These cosmic forces of universal scale for all of their distinguishability can not exist without each other.

Man and woman seeking to be together, but sometimes one simply can not understand the other, which causes conflicts between them. Yin and yang must be in harmony, so that people can feel the perfection of the world.

In just five minutes you can make the relationship between yin and yang in your couple more harmonious. Think about what you would like at the moment, and do it for a loved one. For example, bring the man a cup of coffee in the morning, cover with a blanket of his chilly shoulders cool evening, buy his favorite treat or arrange a special intimate night.

Love feeds affection, warmth and tenderness. And opposites of yin and yang can be successfully used to achieve harmony. If you are cold, warm the beloved. If he has a bad mood, you can help him find happiness. No need to develop complex strategic plans and follow the detailed instructions to make your relationship was strong and joyful. Tells about a psychologist, writer and TV presenter Natalia Tolstoy.

She advises to build harmonious relationships often watch partner and analyzing its behavior, thinking, what kind of role he performs at the moment. All life - this is a game and the theater, and love is a favorite genre actors. If a man is set on the business wave unnecessary molestation and coquetry cause of his irritation. On the other hand, if he has the intention to escape from work and relax, do not insist on a serious conversation.

Just do not fuss standing in front of a man, pleasing to him and anticipating his wishes. This "paradise" will soon become accustomed to your partner, and he will stop to appreciate it. Sometimes you need to add a spoonful of honey fly in the relationship. The Chosen One has to be alert and be afraid to lose you. Do not aspire to the ideal, but not to aggravate its drawbacks. You need to find a "middle ground" that will suit both you and the man.

Some initiatives in your sex life must come from you. Man is a "factory", his feelings erupt with renewed vigor. If you do not have any ideas and fantasies, visit the sex-shop, where you will find a wide choice of interesting "stuff" that considerably enrich your shared experience. Do not be afraid to experiment, because you have nothing to be ashamed of your favorite!

Do not forget about the need for men to praise and compliments. Just always specify why you admire them. Tell him how clever he is, because I was able to fix the computer. How strong he is, because he moved the furniture. Secrets of harmonious relations lie in the details of everyday life, when you are with a partner to complement and support each other.

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