What is a happy marriage?

What is a happy marriage?
 Often, the two lovers are married, not knowing what lies ahead. After all, many couples in selecting choices are guided by external data, certain traits or financial position. But the family increasingly important is not these things.

How can I submit a happy marriage? In a happy marriage reigns understanding. If there is disagreement, it does not grow like a snowball, and spreads like water. That is, at the time of the conflict, both spouses are able to stop in time. Someone from the two should just shut up (get out of the dispute) and allow to cool another. This particular skill, so basically all the people can not keep their emotions overcame.

Happy marriage involves properly structured relationship between the parents of the spouses. It is important that the two men did not get stuck in the attitudes of young, give them the opportunity to understand them. But, nevertheless, in the right questions and gave valuable advice could control the situation.

The couple will enjoy his marriage when household duties will be divided equally. Shouldering the entire burden of responsibility for housework with his wife, the husband of risks to spend time in the scandal, and clarifying the relationship.

Happiness in family life will achieve that pair that trusts each other, where the relations of friendship brought to the fore; where the spouse who does not hesitate to express his wife can innermost.

Both spouses need to know the strengths and weaknesses of its partners and to be able to say the right information at a certain time. If the spouse explosive and nervous character, you should choose a time when to tell him the bad news, or the conflict can not be avoided.

In a happy union couple can find compromises and engage a common cause. That is, the couple will always be interesting to spend time together watching a movie or go to cheer on the football team.

In a successful marriage, none of the two is not trying to convert the other. Each takes the other for what he is. If there are any claims against the character traits partner, you must first analyze their behavior and change something in yourself.

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