Star secrets of a happy marriage

Star secrets of a happy marriage
 Connoisseur of human souls Exupery once said, "Love is when two people do not look at each other, and in the same direction." And successful marriages super popular people only proves his words. In an age of permissiveness and journalistic omnipresence so hard to keep the love and loyalty for years to come, but many do it.
 On both sides of the ocean marriages lasting more than 7 years are considered long. And most of all it is a merit of both spouses, who were able to correctly establish family life. These include the beautiful couple Beckham. David - a successful footballer and model, Victoria is engaged in design, and in the past has made a good career of the singer. The couple has three sons grow up and bunting daughter, and is rumored to progress spouses do not intend to stop there. The main secret of family preservation Victoria considers total employment of both. They have so many exciting projects around the world that the time for the showdown are left. In this case, the family tries not to leave, and when David concludes regular football contract, moved with him from country to country. And the constant change of image of David's wife forced to experience it purely masculine interest. In general, bravo, Victoria!

Marriage to a famous person often requires sacrifice on the part of the second half. To keep the relationship, you need to go into the shadows and maintain a family home quietly. Chet Mikhalkov - one such example. Tatiana, a famous model, threw a career for her husband and children, which Khrushchev could not help but appreciate. For many years, the couple is an example of harmonious relations. Of course, Tatiana Mikhalkov not quite faded, but chose a niche activity to which the husband does not have any relation. Thus, their interests do not intersect, but the main thing in life is still love.

Often choose a star in a couple of people related professions who understands the ins and outs of life in show business. English sex symbol Colin Firth for 15 years happily married to an Italian producer and director Dzhudzholli Libya and, by his own admission, still crazy about his wife. The main secret of this pair was the joint work on the relationship. They both believe that family life - is a constant work, but nice, and try as much as possible could move together. According to them silly jealous lover partners to work better than these emotions and time to spend on something more important, such as the joint celebrations.

And of course the most robust and long-lasting marriage in the domestic showbiz Union became the great ballerina Maya Plisetskaya and Rodion Shchedrin great composer. The couple have been together for 54 years old, in spite of the intrigues and gossip envious. And to boost their relationship she Maya M., who at that time was much older and more famous of her future husband. So far, they love each other like the students, calling themselves Mainka and Robinka and perfectly happy. Shchedrin wrote to his eternal muse three ballets and an infinite number of pieces of music, and a lifetime Plisetskaya dances just for him - the chief men of his life. They do not have the recipe for family happiness, there are no secrets. Just after almost 55 years of marriage, they publicly and privately admit they love each other and facing the same direction - only forward ...

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