Men's nasty habits

Men's nasty habits
 During candy buketny period, when the eyes of rose-colored glasses, nasty habits partner simply invisible. Everything seems funny or nice, and not at all annoying. But when young people begin to live together, to communicate more closely to the fore precisely disadvantages.
 Each man has his own, unique, nasty habits. But there is a class who betrayed almost every representative of the stronger sex. And these actions are extremely irritating to their second half. Women in various ways are fighting for aesthetics and order in her own home.

In the first place is the most common male habit - dirty socks in different corners of the room. Some representatives of the stronger sex is wound into a ball and throw under the couch. Other neatly hung on the battery. Third - Wearing socks stacked on a shelf with clean linen. Of course, this can not annoy the women who come to look for throughout the apartment smelling convolution. Swear in this case it is not necessary, aggression will backfire. Try to encourage your favorite socks for every classified in laundry basket. For example, if it is from Monday to Sunday honestly put them where necessary, prepare the weekend his favorite dish or allow to watch football until late at night. Two to three weeks of training will lead to the fact that a man develop into persistent reflex and he will no longer throw socks everywhere.

In second place in the ranking of nasty habits of men - the constant scratching intimate places. Some representatives of the stronger sex, forgetting to do this and in shops, and in the theater, and at work. Fight this is quite difficult. But it is possible. Keep a phone and turn on the camcorder whenever a loved hand reached for the restricted area. Remove as much as possible, and then mount the film. Show it to your partner. Let him see how often he performs this action, and understand how it is ugly.

In third place, of course, picking his teeth with anything. In the course are toothpicks, forks, finger, etc. Here loved to help. Go along to the dentist and cure tooth decay. Then handy tools are no longer needed, the food will not get stuck in the teeth and cause discomfort.

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