Love Chemistry

Love Chemistry
 Love inspires, gives man wings, fills the soul with special, happy experiences. No other state can not be compared with the strength of his true love. But what caused these special feelings? Scientists claim that our body is a specific reaction are chemical compounds, which affect the strength and "tone" of our senses.

Many researchers now say that for the state of love in our body responds special chemical compound phenylethylamine, which belongs to the form of amphetamines. As you know, amphetamines can produce adrenaline, which causes all the familiar feeling of love for people. The heart begins to beat faster, breathing becomes more and cheeks blood rush.

It turns out that for how much each person a sense of love, the endocrine system is responsible. Have you ever noticed for a fact that they are in love and begin to look more attractive than usual? And it's true: under the influence of positive mood, pleasant emotions hormones return to normal, and thus become better hair, nails and skin, leaving problems with being overweight.

To pituitary gland, which produces oxytocin function properly, require positive emotions. At the same time, the larger Oxytocin is produced, the more vivid we experience feelings of love! That's such an interesting relationship.

As a result of numerous studies, scientists were able to conclude that everything lovers people are dependent on the four types of hormone action: serotonin, estrogen, testosterone, and dopamine.

Serotonin - is, as we know, "the hormone of happiness." It allows to experience positive emotions. In the case of this hormone in the body is not enough, the relationship will bring no joy, and prolonged depression.

Estrogen - a sex hormone that is produced in women in much larger quantities than in men. It is responsible for the characteristic features of the female figure. But testosterone - is, on the contrary, the male hormone, which, according to scientists, is responsible for the expression of passion.

Dopamine - a hormone that is responsible for the leadership qualities in the character of both women and men. However, this male hormone produced in large quantities. That's why representatives of the stronger sex so desperately seeking his chosen.

Of course, love chemistry - it is very informative, but still help us to choose a lover not a hormone, but the heart and mind. Listen carefully to yourself and take a look at your partner and then you will certainly feel this extremely interesting love magic.

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